Cayden: FisticuffsMature

I got back from John’s with a huge smile on my face. Mom had apparently invited him for dinner and he’d politely declined since I was introducing Maxxie to my folks. He was, however, bringing over his famous chocolate cake but he wasn’t sure when.

I thanked Mom when I got back and asked how Hadley had taken meeting Maxxie. Apparently he’d really warmed up to him and barely even minded that he was gay. Mom then ordered me to at least say hello to Hadley before dinner and to try and keep things civil while Maxxie was saying hi to Dad. So that’s what I did. Kind of.

 I sat down on the couch opposite Hadley. He looked exactly the same as all those years ago with the exception of being a little taller and a little more muscular. He wasn’t exactly a bodybuilder but he had more muscle than me. Just about. He still had his ridiculous side fringe but then again, I’d had hair kind of like that in high school. Wait, I’d had hair a lot like that.

The fact that Hadley was even willing to stay in the same room as me was an improvement. The icy glare, however, wasn’t. Hadley might’ve taken a shine to Maxxie but he now seemed to hate me with more passion than ever.

“Hey, Hads” I said softly, treading eggshells round the younger boy.

“Hads? Uh, I don’t think so. You lost the right to call me that a long time ago” Hadley snapped.

“Sorry kiddo. So...what do you think of Maxxie?”

“I like him, he’s pretty cool” Hadley said calmly, almost smiling. His soft face twisted into a frown, though. “For fucks sake, Cayden! Why’d you have to go and make the nice guy gay?” he shouted.

“What, you think I did this?” I laughed in disbelief.

“I wouldn’t put it past you. Look at what you did to John”

“Shut your mouth, Hadley” I growled.

“Why should I? You’re the one that turned him into a fag”

“Sorry, do I need to point out the wife, child and Catholicism?”

“That doesn’t mean shit, Cayden, and you know it”

“For fucks sake, Hads, I thought things were gonna be different between us”

“They will. When you bring a girl home to meet Mom and Dad. When you come spazzing to me because you asked her to marry you and she said yes”


“Don’t ‘Hads’ me! You’re disgusting. What you do is disgusting”

“Oh I see, your little bisexual bestie can do it no probs but if your own brother does, it’s a whole different story” I shouted, rolling my eyes. See, this was why I rarely came home anymore.

“It’s because you’re my brother that it’s even more sickening” Hadley muttered, clearly not intending for me to hear.

“If you’ve got something to say to me, say it to my face” I snapped.

“Fine! I will! What you do is disgusting. I feel sick just talking about it. It was bad enough when we were kids but at least then there was a chance it was just a phase and you’d grow out of it. And now you’ve turned into a fucking whore. I mean, do you even care who you sleep with? And I know you don’t use protection; you never have a you never will”

“That’s not even your-”

“No, Cayden, I’m fucking speaking so shut your mouth and listen! You’ve turned into a fucking whore and you don’t seem to have a problem with it because Mom and Dad turn a blind eye and act like everything’s okay. Well I do care, Cayden. It’s embarrassing to the family-”

“Embarrassing to the family? What about their homophobic asshole of a son who sits in his friend’s basement all day! At least I’ve done something with my life”

“Oh yeah, cause barely sticking around for your Senior year and working in a bookstore is doing something”

“It’s more than you’ve done, you little shit”

“How would you fucking know what I’ve done? This is the first time you’ve called since you were, what, eighteen? You just fucking pissed off with Brent without so much as a goodbye”

“I said bye, Hads. And you threw it in my face. “I never want to see you again, you fucking fag. Your kind don’t belong around here””

“Shame you didn’t listen to me”

“Fuck off, Hadley” I said, standing up and walking out the room. I couldn’t deal with him right then. I’d honestly thought things would be a little better between us but he was just being a fucking asshole.

“No, Cayden, I think you should fuck off. I know what you’re like. You’re staying for a week, right? You and John’ll be fucking each other’s brains out the second Maxxie’s out the door” Hadley spat.

“What did you say?” I said, wide-eyed and staring at my asshole little brother.

“You heard me”

“What did you fucking say?” I bellowed, striding forward to yell in his smug little face.

“You. And John. Whenever you’re round each other you give each other fucking hard ons. I’ve seen the two of you together, you can’t keep your hands to yourselves. The second Maxxie’s out the door, you and him’ll be on each other like rabbits” he said it almost like it was funny.

“You’re asking for a punch” I growled.

Hadley jumped up, fire burning in his eyes. He was just as ready for a fight as I was. Oh, it was fucking on. I’d fucking kill that little bastard before he even got a chance to touch me. The two of us stared each other out for a minute before moving. My fist collided with his nose, producing a more that satisfactory crunch. Before I had time to move, his fist collided with my mouth. I tasted the blood that rolled down over my lip and swung at Hadley again, the both of us calling each other every insulting name under the sun, which apparently got the attention of my mom.

“Boys, stop it!” she yelled but neither of us listened, not content until the other was black and blue all over.

I saw Dad dragging Hadley, who was shouting, scratching, biting and struggling to break free, away from me. I went to lunge for him, using it as an opportunity to catch him undefended, but I felt a familiar grip around my waist, holding me back, the owner of which was too tall to be Maxxie: John.

The End

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