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Fuck, Maxxie definitely knew how to use it. Shame on you for doubting him, Cayden. Who the fuck am I kidding? I should’ve doubted him a long time ago if it got me sex like that. Shit, maybe I should just lie and say I still wasn’t convinced. Yeah, that could work.

“So,” he smiled, “How’d I do?”

How’d he do? Does the fact that I can’t fucking breathe or think mean nothing? If he wanted a straight answer out of me he’d have to wait til I could actually formulate words. After about a minute the best I could come out with was “fuck” but Maxxie seemed content with that.

“Told you” he said smugly and I punched his arm lightly before snuggling into him and drifting off to sleep.


By the next morning I was stepping out of Maxxie’s sexy new car and into my parents’ front yard. I hadn’t been there in like four years but it still looked pretty much the same. Much to my surprise, Mom wasn’t sat on the porch waiting for us but the second Maxxie stood by my side the front door burst open and there was Mom, all smiles and hugs.

“Cayden Thomas Smith, I shouldn’t have to wait four years to see my eldest son” she said sternly as she wrapped me in a hug, completely ignoring Maxxie who watched with a smile.

“I promise I’ll only wait two years next time” I said, finally giving in to the urge to hug her like I’d never see her again.

“The hell you will” she said, kissing my cheek before turning to Maxxie. “So this is your fine English fella?”

“Yep, that’s the one” I said brightly as Maxxie’s cheeks flushed pink.

“Hi” he said, smiling slightly. Man, he looked adorable.

Mom gave him the once over, looking him up and down before opening her mouth to no doubt make her opinion known. "Let me guess, Cayden's the one shagging you, right?"

Oh my actual God. Seriously? Did she seriously just say that? I felt the blood rush to my face and the heat radiating from my cheeks. Jeez, they must’ve been able to see me from outer space. So what did my brain tell me to do? Whine like a little kid, of course. “Mommmm”.

Maxxie blushed as well and laughed a little. "Mostly." Cheeky fucker, it was one time.

Mom tilted her mouth to one side and pouted a little, the telltale sign she’s pretending to think about something. "Y'know what, Maxxie? I like you" she said with a smile and I felt myself relax.

“Thanks” Maxxie smiled back.

"C'mon inside, I'm just in the middle of cooking. Oh, you're not vegetarian or anything, are you?"

"No. Can't really afford to be when all you eat is takeaways."

Mom frowned at that like I knew she would. Mom’s one of those “if it’s not a home cooked meal, you shouldn’t be eating it” kind of people. "After all those years Cayden spent in the kitchen and he won't even cook for you? Alright then, lazy ass, you can carry your stuff in while I feed your poor neglected boyfriend"

"I do not neglect him" I pouted, just waiting for her to comment on how often I used to pout when I was a kid.

Maxxie smiled. "He cooked for me once. I think the stress of making a proper evening of it nearly killed him though." He pecked me on the cheek, earning a smile from Mom, and carried his suitcase inside, "where should I put this?"

"Oh, just leave it there. My waste of space son can deal with it later" Mom said, smirking at me. Oh ha ha, Mom.

"Where is the waste of space anyway?" I asked.

 "That's no way to talk about your brother" Mom said sternly and I grinned.

 "I meant Dad"

"Cayden's far from a waste of space." Maxxie said with a smile.

"You won't be saying that after eighteen years" Mom said. Once again, I was just waiting for the usual ‘I had to drag him to high school every day for his Senior year, he never paid attention, I have no idea how he graduated’ rant.

"I'm sure I will be," Maxxie said with a slight laugh.

I laughed sarcastically, really not enjoying how Cayden-focused the conversation was. "Can we maybe like move on from me for five minutes? And possibly answer my question about Dad?"

Maxxie scowled. "Here I am saying how much I like having you around and you'd rather know where your dad is?" He turned to Mom, "maybe you're right."

 "That's more like it. You, your pops is over at the Ocala's, he said to send you over once you got here" she said before turning to Maxxie. "And you, you need to come to the kitchen and get a lesson in cooking. Takeaways indeed"

"I can cook. I'm just lazy."

"That's what they all say, kiddo" Mom said, pulling Maxxie off to the kitchen.

"Well I can do a good lunch... You don't work five years in a cafe without learning that much," there was a pause before he said "hey” so I could only guess Hadley was in there picking at something or trying to sneak one of Dad’s beers.

I started heading for the door when Maxxie called back. “See ya in a bit. If I dont explode the cooker..."

“You’ll do fine, dollface” I laughed before slipping outside and heading to the house three doors down from my folks. The house belonging to John Ocala and family.


I knocked on the door, expecting John’s wife to answer but was met by none other than the man himself. John was the same as I remembered him; around the same height as me, brown hair around the same length as mine and green eyes that were entirely brown around the pupil. Now, when you haven’t seen a guy since he left you heartbroken you don’t expect more than an awkward “hi, how are you?” but I was greeted by something else entirely. The eternally skinny guy practically jump-hugged me.

“Cayden fucking Smith” he said, nuzzling into my neck as I tried not to fall over.

But then my affection for the guy took over and I grabbed hold of his legs to stop him sliding down. He nuzzled into my neck even more and I found myself kissing his own neck softly. We stayed like that for at least five minutes before I finally put him down but moving my arms up to hug his waist instead.

“It’s been too fucking long” he mumbled against my skin and I nodded.

“Tell me about it” I laughed quietly.

Note to self: thank Mom for lying about where Dad was.

The End

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