Rosalita: Retail therapyMature

I had to get back on my feet. My new job at a new film was set, I would start work on monday. And it was as hair stylist and choreographer. I'd always wanted to do that, and now I was. So one foot set already. Next, new look. I'd already boxed up all my clothes except a few favourites and given them to charity. The woman behind the till had looked surprised when I walked in with Aimee, Missy, Cassy and Iris, carrying bags of clothes, shoes and jewellery. Then the girls took me out for retail therapy.

Soon, I had a new wardrobe, new shoes, jewellery, and an ear piercing at the top of my ear.

"Wow, you're a new person!" They all exclaimed.

"Not yet. It's time to visit another friend." We went to the other end of the street we were on. I stopped.

"Rosa! Your getting a hair cut?"

"Yep." I looked up at the sign. Jermaine's. And old friend. I opened the door.

"Rosa! I haven't seen you in ages!"

"Hey Jermaine!" I hugged Jermaine, a tall shaven headed guy with a cool beard and tattoos. His blue eyes shone at me.

"Where you bin girl?"

"Ah you know. Around."

"That's what I've heard."

"Shut up." I punched his shoulder lightly.

"So what you doing here?"

"Well firstly, I need a new look, so I want my hair changing. a bob with longer fronts?"

"I can do that."

"I want blonde streaks as well."

"Let's do it."

"Oh, and I'm doing a film starting on monday...and I wondered whether you wanted to help."

"Are you helping me in to the film industry?"

"Well that's one way of looking at it. Another is that I'm also doing choreography and I need help with the hair."

"You're on."

"Awesome. Now let's get this hair done." I sat on the set and let Jermaine go to work. I trusted him completely.



"You like?"

"Yeah! Rosa, you look...amazing!"

"It's all thanks to Jermaine." I hugged him and then turned back to the stunned faces of Aimee, Missy, Cassy and Iris. "Now can I start my new life yet or what?"

"Come on, we have to celebrate!"



"Let's meet at mine at seven. And girls..." They looked back at me. "Do not set me up while we're there. I'm single for the moment."

"Well, that's when they all start wanting you the most."

"Well I guess I shouldn't have changed my look then. Especially since I look better now."

"Oh god you'll have girls falling left right and center."

"And I won't be  interested. It's a girls night out ok?"

"Yeah. I think we can manage one night."

 I grinned. "Thanks girls. See you at seven."

The End

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