Annie: TalkingMature

"So let me get this right" Jake says holding me close to his chest but carefully. "You dated a guy called Johnathan when you were 16 and had been friends with his sister much longer than that. At 17 you broke up with him realising you were a lesbian and facied his sister Rosalita. Your very good best friend. Then about 1o months ago you started dating her. You both cheated on each other. You with Johnathan and her with a girl. You got pregnant from being raped by him and she stayed with you through the pregnancy. But then she found she couldn't stay with one person long so you tried an open relationship and then ended up splitting anyway?"

Jake looks at me eyebrow raised. "Thats about it yeah" I say with a shrug. Jake sighs and pass a hand through my hair.

"God, you've had one heck of a life" Jake says shaking his head. He then kisses my forhead. I quickly tilt my head up to catch his lips.

"Now I have you" I say with a smile. He looks me deep in the eyes and smiles.

"Yes, you do" he says then kisses me hard on the mouth. He pins me down on to then bed and tugs my shirt off. "And I think I'm in love with you already"

"Hmm, me too" I say then kiss him again unbuckling his jeans as I do so. I flip him over then go down on him and he moans with pleasure.

"What about Lilianna?" He gasps. I pull back licking my lips and look at Lilianna who has her back to us and is playing with her teddybear.

"She's fine and I don't think she'll understand what we're doing" I say as I slip off my trouser and then take him inside of me. Jake moans and I lean forward to kiss him. He meets my lips quickly and I pull off his shirt while he takes off my bra.

The End

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