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I opened the door and stepped inside. It looked the same as it had when I had been here last. Everything was in order, so I guessed Annie had cleaned before she left. I sat on the sofa and looked around. So this was the place that we had bought together. I wandered over to the kitchen and grabbed a drink, sipping it before putting it on the window while I looked around. Lilianna's room was empty. It brought a tear to my eye. I went back to the sofa

I lay down and looked at the ceiling. Then I closed my eyes and remembered the good times.

At some point I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up and it was dark.

"Shit!" I was about to jump up, but something heavy was lying on me. It rose up in front of me.



"Uh huh."

"What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you." She leant down and and kissed me. "Come on." She pulled me up and led me to the bedroom while my head tried to work out what was going on. I felt dizzy and light headed.

"What? What's going on?" I said as she pulled off my top.

"I'm showing you that I'm better than that girl." My bra fell off and was replaced by her hands, which rubbed circles in my breasts. She pushed me on to the bed and crawled over me, unbuttoning my trousers and sliding her hand down them. I moaned. But through the swirling in my head I realised that this was against what i had decided.

"Stop Helena." i said weakly, as she became more rhythmical in her movements and I felt the pleasure in me riding up.

"No. I didn't spike your drink for nothing you know."

"You spiked my drink?"

"Well, I had to get on top of you some how didn't I?"

I screamed as she fucked me harder. And then I passed out.

I woke to find Helena's head between my legs. My head felt clearer.

"Helena, you have to get off."

I saw her head raise and she licked her lips. She pouted.

"Why should I?"

"Because I don't want to be with you."

"But you love me."

"And how long before I cheat on you? I can't do it Helena. I'm sorry."

She stood up.

"Well fine bitch! Die alone!" She grabbed her top and stormed out. Thank god. Now I could be alone. I dressed and went to the car. Time to find another job to do. There was a new movie coming up, and I was determined to do it.

The End

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