Annie: Shopping with a guy??Mature

"Uh, do we have to?" Jake moans once again as we head out of the elevator. I look back at him.

"Yes, we do. Now come on" I say then push Lilianna in her pram out of the hotel. Jake follows and after a few minutes puts his arm round my waist then kisses my forehead.

"I bet we look like a little happy family" Jake whispers. I smile and lean into him. I no longer have to feel slightly guilty. Rosalita doesn't want me in a romantic interest anymore so I may as well let Jake have me.

I mean I want him as well but it was me who tried to hold back at first.... and failed but who cares. I can now commit totally and I think Jake has noticed. "Oh, there's a clothes shop. I want to buy something for Lilianna" I say smiling at Jake.

He nods then we go into the shop.


"That was a hell of a lot of shopping" Jake says shaking his head but smiling. I smile back and take another drink of my coke.

"Well, you better get to short long shopping trips if you're going to be with me" I say leaning on my elbows forward on the table. Jake smiles then leans in as well.

"I guess I will learn then" He says then kisses me. Its that moment Lilianna chooses to laugh. We pull back and look at her and I can't help laughing myself at her clapping her hands and smiling. Jake laughs as well.

"Seems she agrees with us being together" He says and takes my hand in his under the table. I smile and feel a warmth in my heart I've only had once before. From the moment Rosalita said 'I love you too' to the the moment when I realised she was with Helena emotionally as much as me.

"I'm glad she does" I say stroking the back of his hand with my thumb.

The End

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