"Annie." I heave a sigh of relief.

"Rosa." She seems slightly breathless.

"Annie, how are you?"

"I'm fine."

"How's Lilianna?"

"She's good."



"Annie I'm sorry. I just needed some time..."

"Yeah, I know."

"Annie, I just wanted to let you know that any time you fancy coming back from where ever you've gone...I'm here for you. And that although we won't be together..."


"Annie, I need some serious alone time. No relationships, no one night stands, no nothing. I am going to focus on becoming a better person. And if I do meet some one special, I'll take it slow. I just think you're better off without me."

"Maybe I am." I felt a tingling at the corner of my eyes. But I wasn't going to cry. She was my friend.

"I still want us to be  friends, even if you don't think we can be best friends any more."

"Well, I'll just have to think about it." I heard a sniffle. My heart lurched.

"Annie, don't cry. Please!" I would start crying if she did.

"I'm not." I paused. She obviously didn't want to talk about it. I looked wildly for another subject.

"Where are you?"


"What!? Little far away isn't it?"

"Not really."

"Oh. Well ok. What ever you think is best. Look, I'm gonna go back to the house. I can't keep living here. It's not fair on Maxxie."

"You're at Maxxie's?"



"Yeah. Well. Um. I'd better go then. Just making sure you were ok."

"I am."

"Ok...well, bye then."

"Bye." I hung up and collapsed on the bed. At least she was ok. Hearing her voice made me feel bad that I didn't want to be with her, I just wanted to be friends. Maybe it was better that way. She wouldn't get hurt. Any more than she already had anyway. I grabbed my keys from the side. I'd better go and see the house.

The End

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