Annie: ...What should I do?Mature

I wake to my phone beeping. I move out of Jake's arms, disturbing him and causing him to moan, and stumble out of bed to my jeans. I pull out my phone out of my pocket and see I have one voicemail.

I press the call button to take it and listen. Its the normal, 'you have one new message, first message sent blah blah blah'. Then the beep goes and the message comes on.

"Hey Annie, could you ring me? I'm feeling better and I...I need to talk. How's Lilianna? Where are you? I... I miss you. And I'm really sorry, but I had to have time to sort it, or else we would end up getting worse. Call me."

I lower down my phone and stare at it. How come no emotions stirred inside of me? No strong powerful love just..... loss. Oh my god, I can't have lost my feelings for her so soon. I look back at the bed where Jake is leant up on his elbows.

The sight of him causes my breath to catch in my throat. Maybe I need to see Rosalita.... maybe thats why nothing is coming to me?

"Who was it?" Jake asks. I feel like sighing. His voice is slightly quiet for two reasons, Lilianna asleep in the corner and last night.... I find myself know blushing as I look at him and turn away.

"It was my ex" I whisper staring at the phone. Jake gets up, completely naked mind you just like me, and wraps his arms around me from behind. He begins to kiss my neck on one certain spot.

"You've got a hicky there you know" He whispers. "What did she want?"

"She wants to talk" I whisper tilting my neck so he can kiss it easier. I let a moan escape my lips when he reaches my shoulders.

"And do you want to talk to her?" He asks settling for the spot between my neck and shoulder.

"Its hard to think with you kissing my neck like that" I whisper. I feel him smile against my skin and then I feel the flick of his tongue.

"I'm sorry that I'm just so attracted to you...." He whispers turning me around in his arms to brush his lips over mine. It cause me to shiver and he smiles again.

"I think I should talk to her" I whisper. Jake sighs but pulls back with a nod. "Watch Lilianna, if she wakes up everything is her bag" I move off and away into the bathroom locking the door.

I sigh but a smile plays happily on my lips. God, can I be falling for him and losing my feelings for Rosa? I dial her number and as soon as she says my name I realise I can't actually choose.

The End

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