Maxxie: How'd I do?Mature

I wouldn't mind knowing what the details are, sometimes. Call me weird, but I like being in control.

Unless it's sex. In which case, as Cay rightly said, I like to be taken control of. I leave Cay with a small kiss on his neck before wandering back into the bedroom to talk to Rosa.

"Cay wants me to go meet his parents. Apparently they're threatening to come over to his and stay if we don't go by the end of the week or something," I smile slightly. "You gonna be alright here, or d'you want me to hang around another day or two?"

"I-I'll be alright. Thanks," she mutters quietly.

"I'll be on the end of a phone if you need it," I smile, "and you can stay here as long as you need to. ‘kay?"

"Yeah." I'm not convinced, but something tells me to leave her to it.

"I'll see you soon. Take care," I hug her goodbye and walk back into the kitchen. "Let's go, gorgeous," I smile, taking his hand.

"Eager, aren't we?" he says, squeezing my hand.

"To see your embarrassing photos? Not at all," my smile turns to a smirk. He shakes his head, smiling.

"Better get packing then, English Boy." I laugh.

"You mean wash my boxers and shove the shirt I took out of my suitcase back in it?"

"Something like that," he says, laughing too.

"Since my suitcase is at yours, I think I can afford to show you just how well I can use it," my voice goes a little husky as I lean in and murmur in his ear. He chuckles and I steal a kiss before getting in the car.

"Show me what you got then, hotshot." Oh, I will, Cay, I definitely will.

When we get to his, I barely let him breathe before we get in, let alone put down the key or shut the door. I kiss him hard, pushing him up against the wall beside the door. Nudging it shut with my foot, I unbutton his shirt slowly, lightening my kisses slightly as I move along his jaw.

He bites back a moan as I suck and nip at the skin of his neck, down to his collar bone. I litter kisses down his sternum, moving further down as my fingers work alone, unbuttoning his shirt as I press my lips to as much of his skin as possible.

One hand, I lower down between his legs, palming him through his jeans, smiling into my kisses as I feel his hard on grow under my touch. With that hand, I unbutton his jeans as I move my lips up to his ear.

"No fighting for dominance this time," I murmur, "you're all mine today." I let out a soft laugh as his eyes close, apparently fighting back another groan. I run the tip of my tongue around the outside of his ear, sucking on the lobe as I play with the elastic band on his boxers, one finger hooked over its edge.

I tug his shirt off, and drop it to the floor beside him. He strips me of mine in a matter of seconds, impatient for me to get on with it. I grin evilly and pull him into the bedroom by the waist band of his boxers.

Pushing him down on the bed, I tug off my jeans while he recovers. Sort of. I don't let him recover properly, straddling him before he has a chance to sit up. I lean down to kiss him, shuffling back just enough to slip my hand under his boxers, caressing the rock hard lump between his legs.

He bites on his lip as I pull off his jeans and boxers in one go. Smiling down at him, I work him a bit longer before moving off him. He takes it as an opportunity to get me out of my boxers. Rolling him over, I get him up onto all fours, ignoring his growling at me to hurry the fuck up. I gently press one finger into him, followed by another as I lube myself up, readying us both for what comes next.

I move in close, kissing his lower back teasingly to pull another impatient growl for him. They make me smile. And then I ease my member into him, listening to his low moan with a smile before setting up a comfortably tantalizing pace.

"Fuck," he groans, moving back against me to try and make me move faster. I resist for all of two seconds. "Harder." After a moment or so, I oblige. His arms tremble slightly, betraying how close he's getting.

"Max," he gasps as I move one of my hands around to sort out his boner, alternating between a light and a heavy touch.

"Mmm," I moan as I feel myself getting close too - even closer when Cay shudders and tightens around me as his orgasm hits. Mine follows seconds later, leaving us both panting for breath.

"So," I smile, collapsing beside him on the bed, "how'd I do?"

The End

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