Annie: So soon....Mature

I settled Lilianna into her crib then felt Jake's arms go around me from behind. I turn to look at him but he takes the chance to nick a kiss. The kiss developes and I turn my whole body round.

I wrap my arms round his neck and let my tongue slip into his mouth. He moans and backs me up to the wall. He pulls of my shirt and then begins massarging my breasts.

I pull off his shirt then unbuckle his trousers. Sometime during this my own trousers get pulled off and then my bra as well. Jake carries me over to the bed and lowers me down.

He pulls off his boxers then my pants. He goes down and starts licking and teasing between my legs. I moan with pleasure then pull him back up so I can kiss him. I flip him over then go down on him.

I come back up a few minutes later and lick my lips. Jake almost growls then flips me so he's on top again then kissing me on the mouth passionately he pushes his way into me.

I moan and he starts slowly before getting faster and faster. I grip his back tightly and feel my nail scrap his skin cutting it.

"Jake" I moan. He stops, still inside me but pulls his head back to look at me. His eyes are bright, excited and hungry. He reaches out to stroke my cheek.

"Yes, Annie" He whispers.

"....What does this mean?" I whisper. He leans in a brushes his lips over mine.

"You don't have to worry. I'll be here as long as you want me" He whispers. "In anyway you want me"

I nod then bring his face down to kiss him. "I'm still not over my girlfriend though" I mutter.

"I don't care" He whispers then kisses me.

The End

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