Rosalita: Phone callMature

Maxxie comforted me and I cheered up slightly. Perhaps Annie was just getting away for a while, for a breather. I sat listening to the moaning next door with a small smile. At least Maxxie was happy with Cayden. I reached for my mobile.

Annie's number popped up and I held the phone to my ear.

"Come on, pick up." There was no answer. Voicemail. "Hey Annie, could you ring me? I'm feeling better and I...I need to talk. How's Lilianna? Where are you? I... I miss you. And I'm really sorry, but I had to have time to sort it, or else we would end up getting worse. Call me."

I hung up, and slid the phone in to my pocket.  Then I made sure there were no noises in the kitchen and I slipped out and opened the fridge. Halfway through  making a sandwhich, Maxxie appeared.

"Hey, you ok now?"

"Yeah I suppose."

The End

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