Annie: LandingMature

I have to close my eyes when we land again and I wait for everyone to be almost off before getting off myself..... And Jake waits for me. "So, he says as he pulls mine and his bags down from the containment above. "How long are you staying and where you going back too?"

"Um... I think 4 days and 5 nights and I'm going back to Hollywood" I say. I reach out to take my bags but he picks them up for me and heads off down the isle. I follow him and make sure to keep Lilianna asleep.

We go through all the procidure and then finally get to our bags. "Thats mine" I motion to the suitcase coming out with a pram behind it.

"I'll get it" He says and pulls it off with ease and puts it on the trolly he got. "Do you want me to unfold the pram?"

I nod and he does so. I lower Lilianna into it and wait for Jake to get his bag which is smaller. "How long are you staying?" I mutter raising ann eyebrow.

Jake smile at me."As long as you are" he says back. I blush and consentrate on pushing Lilianna's pram as we go. "Are you having to get a taxi?" He asks. I look at him and nod.

"Fancy sharing one?" he says and he seems to be getting more bervous by the secound.

"I'd love to" I say and smile. We find a taxi and slide into it. "Have you bought a return ticket?"

"No actually and I haven't confirmed my stay at the hotel either" Jake says settling back after giving the driver the address.

"Me neither.... except for the hotel part" I note.

"You haven't bought a return ticket?" He says eyebrow raised. I shake my head slowly then lower it to kiss Lilianna's head.

"I don't know when I'll want to go back" I mutter. I feel an arm around my shoulder and look across at Jake. Who smiles and just rests his forehead on mine. His breathing is calm and warm against my skin.

"Maybe we can share a room and travel back together" he whispers.

"That would be nice" I say leaning up and then kissing him. He doesn't mind the fact I have a child either cause he pulls back and strokes Lilianna's cheek.

"I think she'll have to be asleep though" he jokes and I smile.

The End

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