Annie: Uh... Love??Mature

Lilianna wakes up and begins to cry. "Shoot" I whisper. "Um.. Jake would you mind getting me my bag from up there?"

"No problem" He says standing up. He gets it out and sits down with it in his lap. "Want me to get what ever you need out?"

"Yes, please. Third pocket. Pink bottle" I say. He pulls it out and I settle Lillianna in my arms and begin to feed her. She immediatly becomes silent and I sigh with relief.

"How much does she cry?" Jake asks.

"Not much" I mutter. "But usually my partner took care of it.... She was sort of helping me a lot"

"Hmm, you miss her don't you" Jake says. His hand returns to my knee. I look up at him then at Lilianna.

"A lot" I whisper. Lillianna finishes her bottle then goes back off to sleep. "Can you hold her for me while I go to the bathroom?"

"Sure no problem" Jake says. I move past him and down the hall. I go to the bathroom quickly and come back to see Jake causing Lillianna to laugh. I freeze..... She's hardly laughed. I mean its not her first but.....

I watch as Jake looks after her. Not seeming awkward around her at all. I come back to the seats and he hands her over. I get the blanket out of the bag and settle Lillianna in to the spare seat so she can sleep. Then I turn to Jake. "She hardly laughs you know" I tell him.

He smiles. "I guess I must have some charm left then. Shame it only seems to be working on the baby" He says.

I feel his hand on my knee again and slide my hand into his. "I wouldn't say that" I  say with a smile. Jake grips my hand back then leans in quickly to kiss me. I allow him to and feel a strange florish of emotion that I only ever felt with Rosalita.

And I'm not even think about her..... How can this guy I've only known on the plane a few hours give me the same emotions as Rosalita my friend for years and girlfriend for a year ?

It seems so inprobable. Jake pulls back from the light kiss. Obviously wanting to know what I thought of it. "Where are you staying?" I gasp.

"Brisbane Marriott" He says with a smile.

"Well thats as sure as hell lucky" I whisper then pull his head back for another kiss which he returns more strongly.

My hands grip his shoulders and his slide along my legs. God..... How can I not even have a speck of thought about Rosalita??

The End

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