Annie: PainMature

When I got on the plane I was fidgeting. I'd had never flown before. And another thing that was bothering me.... nearly everyone on board was in couples.

Then a young man sat down next to me. "Seems I'm not the only one alone.... but you seem to have some company" He looks at Lillianna and smiles. He reaches out to touch her then stops looking at me. "May I?"

I nod and he reaches out to stroke Lilianna's cheek. He smiles then pulls back. "Do you need help buckling her in?" He asks. I look at the tangle of the baby seat belt then nod. He smiles then helps me buckle Lilianna into her seat belt.

"You've not flown before have you" He says once the air hostests have finished. I shake my head and he smiles then slips a hand onto my knee. "Get ready"

He was right to warn me. The shake of the plane as it took off was scary and it was lucky Lilianna had fallen asleep during the safety demonstration. Once we get settled in the air I sigh slumping back relaxing.

"My name's Jake by the way" the man next to me says.

"Annie" I say smiling faintly. "Why aren't you with anyone?"

"My girlfriend broke up with me three days ago" He says smiling weakly.

"Mine broke up with me this morning" I mutter.

"Your boyfriend?" Jakes asks. I shake my head smiling.

"No my girlfriend"

"Ouch that hurt" Jake jokes. "I just assumed since you had a child you would be..." He gestures at me.

"Straight?" I question and he nods smiling. "I was Straight... then a lesbian and I think I'm Bi, now"

"Well... thats good to know" His hand returns to my knee and he smiles. "Do you want a drink?"

I nod and he moves off. He's a nice guy..... but I don't know weather I'm ready to commit to a new relationship or to admit totally I'm Bi.

The End

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