Rosalita:About Mid-dayMature

About mid-day I got off the bed and wandered over to the window. Taking a deep breath, I opened the curtains. The sun shone in on me. I snapped my eyes shut. It was too bright after hours of being in the dark. Tentatively, I opened them again. Still too bright. I shut the curtains and stumbled back, rubbing my eyes. I wandered out of the room and in to the kitchen. I opened the fridge. There wasn't much in. I settled for making pancakes, but gave in half way through.

I left the ingredients on the side and collapsed on to the floor. What? Almost a day without sex and I was beat?

But it wasn't just that. It was missing Annie. And Lilianna. Getting used to her constant mood swings and having to clear up after her had been exhausting, but now it was gone I missed it. And I missed helping out with Lilianna too. I smiled slightly. Annie would have grinned and shoved me if I'd have made that joke within her hearing. Then my smile disappeared as soon as it had arrived. Annie was gone from my life until I could sort myself out. My phone buzzed. I scrambled to get it out of my pocket, but it was only Aimee, inviting me to her party on saturday. I put my phone back in my pocket. The crashing of my heart had proved how much I missed Annie's company. But I really did want to just be friends until all this was sorted.

I pulled out my phone again. Just to hear her voice. I dialled and heard the phone ring. And ring. Voicemail.

"Hey, I'm sorry, but we're not in..." Same as usual. But the next part was different. "I'm on holiday so I won't be able to get back to you until next week." The line went beep. I was supposed to leave a message. Instead I hung up. She'd gone on holiday.

And that was when I crashed. I managed to stumble back to the bed and curl up again, but then all I could do was stare.

 She'd gone. 

The End

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