Maxxie: SaturnMature

"Gonna come help me buy a car, then?" I ask, clearing away the stuff left out after lunch.

"What's my price range, do I have free reign on colour and are you gonna bitch over everything I pick?" I smile slightly, considering my answers.

"About $8000, if you pick a shitty colour, I will slap you, and only if it's got a shitty track record."

"Nice. There's only three cars even up for consideration here."

"What would they be?" I ask dubiously, ushering him out of the apartment.

"Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, as you should know already, a Saturn Sky or a Dodge Viper"

"And my chances of finding any of those under $8000?" I laugh, "good luck with that one, Cay."

"I'm willing to pay something towards it," he shrugs as we set off towards the car dealer. And here I was considering sensible, practical things like a Honda Civic, Renault Mègane, or maybe an Audi A4, if I was feeling like splashing out a bit.

"I hope you have deeper pockets than I do," I mutter, glancing up to see a sly grin on his lips.

"Details, details." Should that be worrying me? I pull up at the car dealer, and apparently, my car decides it's had enough right there. The engine dies without me even touching the key. With an exasperated sigh, I get out, not bothering to lock it. Looks like I really do need a new car. Cayden tries not to laugh as he follows me out

"See, now you need a new car. And my best guess is that my baby Vanquish'll be out of the question, they don't make ‘em like they used to." He glances around just in case anyways and I shake my head, half smiling.

"I refuse to get a Dodge, by the way. I don't really want to drive around in something that makes me look like my dick is the same size as my little finger," I tell him as we walk over to look around for the kinds of cars Cay wants. He gives me his best offended face.

"But the Viper's like sex on wheels."

"Learn to drive, and I'll buy you a Viper, then." I'd have to sell the house in England for that, but to be honest, I've used it once in three years. I wouldn't miss it, and I'd appreciate the money. Houses in Kensington go for very nice figures.

"That's mean," he says and I grin.

"I'm not even joking. I'd pay for your lessons too." He pouts and mutters something about how he likes walking.

"Find me a Saturn Sky, then," I laugh. He swaps the pout for a determined expression and wanders off, looking around. I watch, amused as he finds a Viper and looks up at me with this almost hopeful look on his face.

"I found a Viper..." I nod.

"I can see that. I'll give you a cookie for your efforts. Keep looking. Unless you wanna learn how to drive," I say, trying not to let a smile appear on my lips. He flashes me another pout and goes back to looking.

"Oh, who's awesome and just found a Saturn?" I walk over to him and look down at the Saturn with a smile.

"You're awesome. But you don't need me to tell you that," I kiss him lightly on the cheek, willing myself not to look at the price tag on it.

"Yeah but you could do with some reminding every now and then." I roll my eyes and the sales rep walks over, beaming. I wonder vaguely how much commission he gets off cars like these as he talks.

"Can I help you at all?" he asks cheerily.

"I'll take the Saturn. Don't tell me how much it is, just take me to the paper work."


The End

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