Rosalita:Staying at Maxxie'sMature

Maxxie's boyfriend Cayden was cool. But I could tell he was feeling uncomfortable, so when he suggested they leave for a bit I wasn't surprised. I went in to Maxxie's room. His new sheets were welcome, because I could guess that those two really hadn't been out of the house much recently.

I lay down on the bed and curled into the corner, taking out  my phone. The wallpaper was a picture of Annie holding Lilianna. I felt a tear run down my cheek. No. I had to sort myself out first. Hopefully I could nip across home and fetch some of my stuff to live on tomorrow. Until then, I would just have to wait.

I don't think I can go back to Annie as a partner at all after what I've done to her. I've caused her so much pain it's unreal, but she still wanted me. So I had to stop this.

I vow that I will never again have a one night stand...everything has to mean something. I will date someone for at least....a month before I have sex with them.

That is my promise to you Annie. I will change, if only to see you happy with my lifestyle, and hopefully, you will accept me as your friend again.

The End

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