Cayden: You're Blushing?Mature

This Rosa chick… I think I’d seen her before somewhere. I don’t know I’m not so good with stuff like that. I got chatting to her while Max changed the bed sheets and I have to say, she’s an alright kinda gal. I can’t really say we’d be friends if we didn’t have Maxxie in common but she was still nice. I normally don’t get on that well with girls, even the lesbian ones seem to try and come on to me. Maxxie re-emerged a few minutes later and Rosa slipped into the bedroom.

“Right, c’mon English Boy, we’re going to my place” I said, not giving him an opportunity to sit down.

"Sure." He turned to Rosa, who had stepped back into the room, "Call me if you need anything."

Rosa barely had time to nod before I’d pulled Maxxie out the door and to his car. What? I was starting to get horny and as fun as couch sex is, something tells me Rosa wouldn’t exactly want to hear us going at it. Maxxie drove his shitpile car to my place and parked it in the nearest available space. The two of us walked up to the front door and I started pulling at his shirt, undoing a couple of the buttons as we headed inside.

"What happened to getting a new car?" Maxxie asked, smiling.

"Something tells me you wouldn't get what I pick anyway so this'll just have to do" I said, kissing along his collarbone.

He let out a soft laugh. "I'll let you look next time," he had my shirt off in seconds and I couldn’t help but feel that he needed to be more naked as well.

"You better or I won't sleep with you again"

"That's harsh."

"I can be harsh" I smirked.

"And to someone so lovely," he said, an innocent look on his face.

"Who would that be? I only see you"

He pouted and pulled a hurt face. Remember what I said about pouts not working on me?

I tilted my head down and kissed him. "Why aren't we having sex right now?"

"I don't know," he murmured, kissing down my neck.


Within seconds our clothes were strewn around the room, the two of us caught in a tangle of limbs and sloppy kisses. The both of us seemed to be battling for control, intent on marking the other’s neck with a flurry of hickeys. I was almost considering giving in and letting Maxxie dominate for once but his submissive side shone through victorious and he crumbled beneath me.

I could tell Maxxie was as impatient as me when he groaned in annoyance as I halfheartedly stretched him, lubing myself up with the other hand.

“Just fucking get on with it” Maxxie practically growled. Fuck, it was hot.

I pushed in and Maxxie moaned at the contact, pushing back down onto my dick. He dug his nails into my back as I set a pace, wrapping his legs around my waist. I crushed my lips against his as he groaned out something along the lines of “Fuck, harder”.

He started sucking and nibbling at the skin on my shoulder, no doubt leaving a mark to go with the scratches that were forming on my back.  I tugged his head back by his hair and kissed him again, grinning at the porn star worthy moan that slipped from Maxxie’s lips. I pulled on his hair roughly and worked on eliciting more moans from like that from him.

“Cayden, please” he moaned against my skin and I snaked my hand down to his dick.

I moved my hand in time with each thrust, turning Maxxie into a trembling mess beneath me.

 Screaming out my name, Maxxie came. Hard. I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor guy winded himself. But even if he did, I still needed to get off. I buried my nose into the crook of Maxxie’s neck, moaning his name as I came inside him with a few final thrusts.

I lay on top of him, littering his throat and collarbone with kisses as we rode out our orgasms, then moved to his side to pull him tight against my chest. Maxxie’s hands clung onto me and I pressed a kiss to his forehead as he tried to catch his breath. I looked down at him and saw a light dusting of pink spread across his cheeks.

“You’re blushing?” I laughed and he snuggled his head further into the crook of my neck.

“Shut up” he mumbled with a smile.

I moved my hand up to run my fingers through his hair and soon enough, he was asleep. And I was well on the way there.

The End

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