Maxxie: Bed's all yoursMature

I'm sitting on the laptop in front of the TV with Cayden, looking at second hand cars for sale. Well, I am. Cay's watching TV.

"What about that one?" I ask, pointing to a beat up old Honda. He takes one look at it and groans.

"Why do you keep picking the ones that look like they're gonna die any second?" I look back at the picture.

"It's got a low mileage and has never failed an MOT," I mutter, scrolling down anyways.

"I'm gonna pretend like that means anything to me," he says and I smile slightly. The door buzzer goes and I practically jump out of my skin. I hadn't been expecting anyone. I look around at it like it's about to run across the room and bite me.

"That better not be Alex..." I hum an "mmm" in agreement and get up to answer it.

"Hello?" I say down the phone tentatively, suddenly fully expecting Alex's voice to reply.

"Hello? Maxxie? I need your help." It's Rosa! Man, I've not talked to her in... ages.

"Rosa, hey. You wanna come up?"

"Rosa?" Cay asks, turning to face me.

"Yeah, please." I buzz her in and leave the door open for her.

"She's a friend. Said she needed my help or something," I frown slightly, wondering what's wrong. Last I heard, she was with Annie.

"Oh, right. Well, a friend of yours is a friend of mine," he says with a smile, just as Rosa reaches my door. I turn and smile, waving her in.

"Hey Rosa, you want a drink or anything?"

"Umm yeah sure. Look Maxxie, I really need to talk to you I have a problem," she says as I wander into the kitchen to make coffee.

"Talk to me. What's wrong?" I ask, leaning on the counter so I can look at her while the kettle gets its lazy ass in gear.

"Annie and I are having a break. I can't seem to stay with one person for too long. So I need somewhere to stay for a while."

"Sure. I don't mind you staying here, if Cay doesn't." I glance at Cay to see if he's alright with it. He just shrugs.

"Sure. It's your place anyway, I can't exactly say she can't stay," he tells me and I nod, going back to making coffee.

"There y'go then," I smile at Rosa, "bed's all yours." I pause thoughtfully for a moment. "After I change the bed sheets."


The End

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