Annie: MovingMature

I stare at the floor for quite a while and then I'm vaguely aware of Helena moving to stand in front of me. "This is your fault!" She snaps. I look up and regret it since all I get is a direct punch in the face. I collapse sideways onto the sofa.

Helena then pins me down stradling my hips. "If you had just been quiet, she wouldn't have left.... She would have eventually become mine" Helena's eyes were starting to scare me and I found myself shaking.

Then Helena punches her again and I feel a crack in my nose. She then smiles and gets off kicking me in the stomach for good measure. I cough and notice that it stains the floor with red and that my nose is bleeding heavily.

"She'll come back to me you know" Helena says. "She's had to much of you and you forced your bastard rape-made baby on her"

It with those words Helena leaves. I don't realise I'm crying until I get up and see my wet eyes in the mirror. I bet Rosalita didn't know that side of Helena. I'm sorry but Rosalita does seem to pick up quite a few bitches.

I move out of the apartment and get a taxi to A&E. After they've finished my x-ray they come back to tell me my nose is fractured and my rib is crack but luckly not piercing any organs. They bandage me up and I ask if I'd be able to fly.

"Of corse honey... it would be a bit difficult though" The nurse says. I nod. Its then I know what I have to do..... I have to get away for a while. With Lilianna... on my own.

I make my way back to our home picking Lilianna up on the way and stopping by the doctors for confirmation on Lilliana to fly. I pack us two suitcases and book the airplane tickets online. "I hope Austrailia is ready for us" I whisper to Lilianna.

The End

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