Annie: ConfusedMature

I stared at the phone. Why was she doing this? I look away from the phone and straight at her. Tears begin to spill from my eyes. I put the phone down on the bed and then take her face in my hands. I tilt my head up to hers and kiss her full on the mouth.

She seems surprised but not as surpised when I flip her over so I can pin her on the bed. I then get the hand cuffs out of the draw and have her fastens to the bed before she can protest. "I don't want him Rosalita..... he's more of something to keep my soul from shattering. To make it seem right that you're sleeping with others cause I'm with him" I whisper quietly.

I see the shock on Rosalita's face it getting stronger and stronger as I continue to speak. "I admit that before when I got pregnant that was about the pleasure but.... it was a slip up" I look away.

I'm actually starting to feel discusted at myself. I know the words I'm speaking now are the truth. That Johnathan is more like an object to me.

"You.... you're only with him because I'm with others" Rosalita chokes out.

"I only started this open relationship cause I knew I could keep you.... or at least try and keep you. But it only seems to me now that I'm actually acting slightly selfishly. I'm the one forcing you to stay....... And last night...." I wipe the tears from my face with the back of my hands.

Staring down at Rosalita cuffed to the bed while stradling her hips and making my speech at the same time actually causes more pain. I take in a deep breath. "Last night I realised that..... you really can't stick to loving one person. And you can't deny your love for Helena, Rosalita. It was clear to me as my love for you was clear to everyone but you"

I move off her and stand up next to the bed. I pull out her phone from her pocket and put Helena's number on set to call then I put a spare mobile in her other hand with my number set to call. "The one in your right is too call me and the one in your left is too call Helena. That's your choice, make a call to one by 10:30. If you call Helena.... I'm sorry Rosalita but I can't do it. I thought I could be with you and share you but I can't"

I turn on my heels and when I reach the door frame I turn back to look at her. "I'll be at Gary's with Lilianna" I whisper then leave and not once as I make myself get ready and leave through the door leaving her cuffed to the bed.

The End

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