Maxxie: death of the Ford. Nearly.Mature

It's nice out on the abandoned looking road that Cay's taken me to. It's kinda like sitting on the roof and thinking. But less windy. I stay sat on him for a while, his hands on my hips and using his legs like the back of a chair so I can look up at the stars.

Next time I glance down at Cay, he's looking up at the stars too and I smile slightly. Jetlag tugs at my eyes for the hundredth time since we got off the plane and I groan inwardly. I don't want to fall asleep on him. I can't really be there for him if I'm out cold.

Cay apparently notices that I'm falling asleep on him and wakes me back up. "C'mon, dollface. Sleeping in the road's dangerous," he mutters.

"And lying in the middle of it, stargazing isn't?" I smile sleepily.

"If you're asleep you can't move out of the way," he replies with a small smile. I hum in agreement and pull myself up, wondering how the hell I'm going to drive back when I'm liable to fall asleep at the wheel. I glance back at Cay, who's staying where he is. Guess I don't need to drive anywhere.

I crawl in the back of the car and curl up on the seat, using my arm as a pillow. I drift off pretty much instantly, only half waking when I feel Cayden get in the back of the car with me a while later.

After that, the only thing that wakes me up is when I fall off the seat. With a tired groan, I sort of sit up in the footwell and look around at Cay's peacefully sleeping face. I lean over and kiss his cheek gently, leaving him there to sleep before picking myself up and moving to the driver's seat. Behind me, Cay twitches slightly, and mumbles something, but otherwise doesn't notice a thing.

I turn the key in the ignition and greeted by a sort of choking sound. "Shit," I mutter. Frowning, I try again, this time giving it a little rev. Still nothing. And I try again. This time I get absolutely nothing. Silence. Not even a choking sort of sound. "You're not allowed to die on me!" I growl, banging my head on the steering wheel, cursing. That wakes Cayden up. I ignore him going "what the fuck?" and get out of the car, opening up the bonnet. It's not allowed to die.

I glare down at the engine, trying to remember how to fix the fucker. Cay watches me, probably wondering what the hell's going on, but I say nothing, trying to resist the urge to wipe the oil that's now all over my hands off on my new jeans.

"Can you turn the key?" I ask, not glancing up.

"You need a better car," he tells me as he turns it. It sputters, and a spark of hope flickers through me.

"I love my car. It's not allowed to die," I mutter, following wires around the engine, trying to figure out which one's loose this time.

"Y'know, it takes like twenty minutes to walk from here to the car place," he says and I glance up this time, slotting a wire back into place.

"I refuse to let my car die. Turn the key again." He turns the key again, but looks doubtful. It whines and I frown. "Turn it again and stick your foot on the gas pedal." Third time lucky, right?

"Max, just go to the car place."

"Just try it please, Cay," I say, not quite able to keep the scowl off my face. He rolls his eyes, but does it anyway. The engine whines and reluctantly, comes to life. Grinning, I shut the bonnet and move back to my seat.

"There y'go." Note to self: don't leave the car for two weeks without being used or it will die in the middle of nowhere.

"I still think you should take it to the car place," he pouts, and I prod his cheek with an oily finger.

"If I can't fix it next time, I will." He wrinkles his nose at the oil and I smile, wiping the rest on the oil rag in the door cup holder.

"You won't be saying that when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car."

"Since when do I go driving in the middle of nowhere?" I laugh.

"With me around you'll be driving to middle of nowhere whenever I moan enough," he says sticking his tongue out.

"Then if my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere because of your whining, I'll expect you to carry me to a car dealer."

"You'll be walking, mister," he tells me, shaking his head with a grin on his lips.

"I'll let you choose the car," I promise, batting my eyelids.

"Why don't I believe you?"

"Because... Umm... Actually, I don't know," I grin innocently, "I'd totally let you choose." So long as it's not an Aston Martin, I add in my head. Really. Can you see me driving an Aston Martin?


The End

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