Rosalita:I'll do it for youMature

I stay stunned. Annie was obviously not happy, but I didn't know whether to leave her alone or to go in after her. I decided to get her a drink.

The kettle finished boiling and I made her a hot chocolate, then took it in to Liliana's room. Annie was sat in the rocking chair, staring at Liliana's crib.

"Here hon, drink this."

"Screw you." She said again.

"If you want." Her lips twitched, but she was still angry.

"Shut up" she said, but with less anger.

"Shut me up yourself." I put the drink on the table and pulled her to her feet, seeing her wince. "What's up?"

"Nothing, I'm just a little sore."

"Let me see if I can rub it out of you." I pulled her out of the room and in to ours, pushing her down on to the bed. Her trousers were down and my head between her legs before she could say anything, but she managed to pull me away.

"Wait. Will, will you just hold me?" I looked down at her. Maybe she didn't want me. Maybe she was missing...Jonathan. I wrapped my arms around her before speaking.

"Annie, if I asked Jonathan to come round...would you like that? If I let him...just the once...for you."

"You would do that for me?"

"I'll do it for you. I'd do anything for you. Even let with you...while you're with me. But just once Annie. It would be hard enough anyway. But just the once...for you."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this. You would let him fuck me while I was with you?"

"If that's what you want. I can't bear to see you torn, and I know you're making sacrifices for me, so I think it's about time I made some for you. If you want him to come over and we'll be in a threesome, then I'm fine with that. As long as he only fucks you, and I only fuck you. I don't want him in me. I'm doing this for you Annie. Is it what you want? Because here is the phone if you do." I reached over and took the phone off the hook, passed it to her, and then slid on to her, straddling her hips while I waited for a reply.

The End

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