Annie: Late getting homeMature

I moaned and curled in on myself. My legs hurt like hell and I don't know if I can even walk. I hear a pleased sigh and then Johnathan arms go around me. "That was better than our first time" He whispers kissing my neck.

I find myself blushing. I remember that time.... the time I'd lost my virginity to him. It was in a hidden rockcave on a beach in england. God, remembering it was very embarassing.

"I need to get back" I mutter trying to sit up but he presse me back down straddling my hips again.

"What makes you think I'm done?" he whispers. I can feel the prod between my legs and I moan in pain. The pleasure is vibrating through me but.... I'm done, the pain overwelms the pleasure.

"You're hurting me Johnathan" I whisper. He sighs heavily and gets off laying back down completely naked on the covers.

"Well at least suck me off before you go" he says. I oblige and then get myself out fully dressed. I was right... It hurt terribly to walk. I hail a taxi and get in making my way home.

As I open the door I jump. Rosalita stands waiting for me. "Where have you been?" She ask her face worried.

"Thinking" I mutter walking past her normally then I turn to face her. "Why didn't you tell me it was Helena you cheated with?"

Her face turns to shock. "I didn't think you knew and.... I didn't think it was a good thing to tell you"

"What?" I say now annoyed. "You didn't think I'd notice you knowing her turn on spots, her hand getting down your pants???? Screw you Rosalita. Now I'm pissed"

I storm off and into Lilianna's bedroom where I sit in the rocking chair set up next to the crib and just sit there watching her.

The End

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