Cayden: ReminiscingMature

This was going better than I’d expected. In all honesty I’d expected Maxxie to sit down, say hi, and walk out. Granted I didn’t exactly approve of the beer bottle that seemed to be constantly attached to his lips but if it kept him around then I was down with it.

But still, what he’d said about having no dignity was getting to me. How could someone feel that way about themselves? If Maxxie was some nasty ass skank then it’d be understandable but he wasn’t. Considering we both thought we’d cheat on each other the first chance we got, we’d done pretty well.

And jeez, the look on his face when his mom mentioned Christmas. As much as I wanted him to reconcile with his mom, I kind of didn’t want him here for Christmas. Me and Brent had always spent Christmas together and it was practically a family affair now. Don’t ask me why he doesn’t go to his folks place, I asked him once and he said something happened and him and his dad don’t get on anymore. And then the cheeky fucker flipped it round and asked why I never go to my folks place. The obvious answer to that is Hadley. As much as I hate him for being the homophobic little shit he is, Hads is still my little bro and I feel bad if I upset him. So I just stay out of the way and everyone’s happy. Well, maybe everyone except my parents. Apparently Ava came out last year with her boyfriend. They were gonna come visit me but Hads kicked off and Ava had to stick around to calm him down. Back before the whole coming out thang, it’d only ever really been me that could calm Hads down when he got mad.

I looked up from the table, which I’d been staring at for the last five minutes, and frowned a little at the awkward silence. Maxxie’s mom kept trying to start up a decent conversation but Maxxie was just being a bitch about it. Jeez, I know I’d promised him sex for showing up but a tiny bit of positivity would have been nice. Maybe he’d be nicer if I hooked something up with Brent again. Oh nice, Cayden, you’re pimping out your best friend now.

All the talk of parents, siblings and best friends made me think of John. Shit, what if we ran into him when Max met my folks? He used to live literally two doors down from us and he was going to move out but his parents passed away and he moved into their house because it was easier. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not some weird stalker. His wife told me. Man, how epic would a threesome with John be? Okay, Cayden, stop thinking like that. John’s straight. John’s married… John was your boyfriend for like three years. Jesus Christ, you’ve got Maxxie now. He’s gorgeous, funny, an absolute dork, so why are you still stuck on John?

I sipped on the glass of pepsi in front of me and resisted the urge to bite my lip. I spent the rest of lunch making eye contact only if I had to. Let’s just say there were other things on my mind…


Maxxie had barely gotten the front door unlocked before I started unbuttoning his shirt, lips colliding with his like it was the end of the world. I felt guilty. I told Max I’d be there for him at lunch if things got awkward and what was I doing? I was sat there reminiscing about the various things I’d done with John. Asking myself what he’d be like in a threesome or even a foursome. The fact that my member started to wake up at this didn’t help either. Which was why I was practically fucking Maxxie on his doorstep. Maxxie was fucking perfect if you ignore the emotional baggage that came with his parents and as well as I knew it, I had to convince myself.

Maxxie had barely stumbled in through the door and closed it behind him when I pinned him against it, kissing every inch of skin I could get to. Which was now a considerable amount considering his shirt was on the floor somewhere. Maxxie tried to say something but I silenced him with a kiss. I didn’t need to do this because I promised him, I needed to do this to prove to myself that this was where I wanted to be.

The End

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