Annie: KnowMature

As I made my way back to the house. I worked everything out..... Helena was Rosalita's playtoy. I saw it in her eyes when she walked into the room last night. Every time she shook with pleasure.

I wasn't really bothered yesterday but as I make my way back to the house it does start getting to me. Can I really do this? I saw Helena putting her fingers into Rosalita last night and I felt strong pains in my chest....

When I got back I talked to the babysitter getting her to stay a little while longer for when Rosalita gets back. I knew where I needed to go. I got a taxi and stood frozen outside Johnathans my fist positioned to knock but..... I felt strange.

Was I just doing this cause of Rosalita??

But I quickly shake my head and knock. The door is answered almost instantly and Johnathan smiles. "Glad you came back" He says tugging on my arm and pulling me into the house.

As soon as the door shuts he presses me to the wall and kisses me passionately. I'm vaguely aware of his hands slipping beneath my trousers but as soon as his fingure are inside of me I gasp in shock my leg falling out from beneath me but his arms support me.

He smiles cheekily and tugs down my trousers.... then my pants. I gasp when he goes down and try to grip some part  of the wall to keep me up or at least keep my legs standing.

He's then back up and smiles as he unbuckles his trousers and has me right there against the wall.

The End

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