Rosalita:Shower sexMature

I woke to find Helena lying on me. I shifted my weight and she moaned, her eyelashes fluttering open and staring at me.

"Morning beautiful." she whispered.

"Morning screamer." Her cheeks flared up as we both remembered what had happened last night. Annie's plan was to have a threesome, but the arrival of Helena had created group sex and a panic in me. Because Annie still didn't know it was Helena that I had had sex with, and so I had been faced with pretending like I didn't know all of Helena's turn on spots as I licked and probed at her body. And then Annie's work on Helena had given me one of the most intense feelings I had ever had, which Thea thought was because of her work in between my legs. And when I finally got to move on to Helena whilst Annie was being worked on by Thea, she was screaming with pleasure so much that it drowned out the words of love I was whispering to her. But she heard them. And she had decided to work on me. Whilst Annie was engrosed in Thea, Helena's hand had slid down my stomach and further, further until my insides burned and I moaned so loud I was embarrassed.

Looking over I saw Annie and Thea curled up together, smiles on their faces. I sat up and pulled Helena off the bed with me, slipping out of the door and down the corridor to the bathroom.

"Helena, Annie doesn't know it was you before. But she's decided on an open relationship with me, so I want to carry on seeing you. I meant what I said last night. You do mean a lot to me, and you turned me on so much when you were with Annie, I could have watched you writhing forever." She blushed and moved closer to me, pressing me to the wall.

"You weren't so bad yourself. And it wasn't Annie that was turning me on. It was thinking of you, that night when we..." She slid her over my neck and down my chest, causing me to shudder and pull her to me. "Well, that was the most magical evening of my life. I wouldn't want that to end, ever." Her fingers slid between my legs and I moaned.

"Rosa, you in there?" Annie.

"Yeah hon, I'm about to go in the shower!"

"Where's Helena?"

"She said something about going for a walk. I think she's a little embarrassed." I kissed Helena's neck slowly.

"I would be if I screamed that loud. Well, I'm going back to the house, the alarm woke me up. I feel quite odd. Will you show Thea the way out when she wakes up?"

"Yeah of course babe. I'll be home soon. Don't feel odd, it was good." I kissed down Helena's stomach and slid her pants down.

"Okay, well I'm off."

"Bye babe." Then I reached up and pulled the shower button. Water sprang out. I waited until I heard the door slam before I pulled Helena in to the shower with me. I knelt on the floor in front of her, and as she ran her hands through my hair, I kissed and explored her stomach, and then between her legs. Her moans were drowned by the sound of the water, but I could feel her responding to me. I stopped and stood up, kissing her and letting her taste herself on my lips and tongue.

"Rosa, why do you want me?"

"Because, you're beautiful, intelligent, funny, and incredibly sexy."

"But you hardly knew me when you first did it with me."

"Yes, but you hardly knew me when you played strip poker with me."

"True. Although I was feeling curious."

"About what?"

"What you would look like naked." She kissed me again.

"And what do you think now?"

"Mmm. I think I have never seen anything so beautiful as you." Her hand slid down in between my legs again. "I just can't seem to stop touching you." I grinned and rolled my head back to enjoy her touches.

The End

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