Maxxie: Lunch? Umm... no?Mature

I shift, pulling my legs up underneath me before leaning back on Cay. My eyes close as I try to stay awake and calm at the same time. I s'pose at least I'm too tired to be any more bitchy than this. I force my eyes back open and look up at the clock on the wall over the fake fire place. It's getting kinda late. I don't want to hang around so long that my dad walks in on me and Cay sitting on the sofa looking through photos that aren't supposed to exist.

While she takes her sweet old time finding the pictures, I sigh, remembering the look on her face when she opened the door and saw me standing there. I guess Cay was right, she'd missed me. She was even doing her best not to be disapproving. Which was apparently proving to be a struggle, since she shoots me this look that says "cuddling up to the guy you love is disgusting" as she walks back in.

Doesn't make me move, though.

Just makes me pull Cay's arm around me and cuddle up to him more. She sets down a shoe box and a small photo album on the coffee table between us, pushing the photo album to Cay.

"This is all I have, I'm afraid," she mutters, watching as Cayden picks up the photo album and flips it open. "They're baby pictures right up til when Max was about ten," she smiles tentatively. He looks through them all, a smile growing on his lips.

"You were a cute baby," he says and my mum nods approvingly of the comment

"He was," she agrees, but I say nothing, watching as she tips out the contents of the shoebox. "Baby shoes, his old birth certificate - we had to make a second copy, this one got coffee spilt on it - scan photos..." she lists the things in the box, pushing them towards Cay as she goes, but I stop listening after a moment, zoning out. I watch as Cayden looks through them all, the three of us silent now.

"I'm sorry I don't have more," she sighs.

"It's awesome enough that you have this," he smiles at her, an expression that's wearily returned.

"D'you want to stay for dinner? It's getting kinda late, and no doubt you two have been eating take-aways every night." I tense slightly. I don't want to stay any longer than I have to, and I definitely don't want to stay long enough for my dad to get here.

"What about... What about Max's dad?"

"Oh..." she frowns slightly, "no, I suppose it was a stupid idea," she smiles half heartedly, beginning to carefully put the stuff back in the box.

"No, it wasn't stupid. Maybe, if it's okay with Max, we could have lunch tomorrow? I'm pretty sure it's our last day," he suggests and my mum looks at me hopefully. How's about ‘no'?

Instead I shrug. "I'd been planning to spend the last day shopping with you or something."

"It's up to you, then," he says and it's very hard to stop myself from getting right up and walking out.

"I'll think about it," I mutter, sitting up so Cay's arm falls from around my shoulders. Cay frowns a little, but says nothing about me moving out of his reach. I appreciate being made to do something about as much as I appreciate being practically emotionally black mailed into it. I can feel my mum's eyes on me, so I glance up to meet her gaze. "I'm sorry I didn't have as much to say as Cayden obviously thought I would," I tell her, standing up, "I will think about lunch tomorrow. But right now, all I want is to sleep, since I didn't manage it last night." I glance at Cayden. "You're welcome to stay here and talk about me, if you like. I'm going back to the house."


The End

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