Cayden: Oh That's HarshMature

Oh Maxxie, that’s harsh. Playing the tease at his own game. No big deal. Unlike you, sunshine, I can take being teased. In fact, normally I end up spinning it around anyway so whoever’s teasing me practically starts teasing themselves. Damn, that’s something I’d kill to see. Maybe if I steered him in just the right direction I’d get away with it.

Maxxie was giving it everything he had, using all the moves I’d used on him. And damn, he was good at it. This was only like the second time I’d seen Maxxie being dominant but it’s fucking awesome. I mean, sure I like being in charge but there’s just something awesome about being taken control of every now and then.

Maxxie’s warm tongue licked a stripe up the side of my neck and I shivered. Hold it together, Cayden, you’ve held out through more than this.  His fingertips were ghosting over every inch of skin he could get to, exactly like I’d done to him so many times. Man, no wonder it drove him mad. He tried his best, bless him, but when you’re up against me there’s only room for one winner. Still, he did deserve some kind of reward after all that effort…


"No condom. What would your gramps say?"

"That I wasted my money buying them."

"I told you that when you went to buy them"

"You should know by now I don't listen to what people tell me to do."

"In that case I should've told you to go in there and buy every single box" I laughed.

He smiled and snuggled up against me, the surefire sign he was going to fall asleep. "Mmm. Maybe."

I poked him lightly on the cheek. "Don't be falling asleep, I was promised dinner at a fancy pants restaurant"

"I'm not falling asleep." He mumbled.

"You so are"

"No... not at all. I can unsnuggle, if you like."

"If you unsnuggle you'll just complain about it later" I smirk.

"What makes you say that? I never complain."

I shot him a disbelieving look and he grinned.

"Never ."

"Well if you are gonna fall asleep, which I can tell you will, at least go upstairs. Sleeping on a couch'll just fuck up your back" I said, shifting a little bit.

"You shouldn't wear me out so much," he said, making no effort to move whatsoever.

I rolled my eyes and picked him up bridal style, carrying him in the general direction of a bedroom. He giggled as I lifted him and I smiled a little.

"Someday you're gonna be in a suit getting carried like this"

"Y'think?" he asked, genuinely curious.

I nodded. "Who wouldn't wanna marry you?"

"Plenty of people, I would think." He laughed.

"Well then, if we stay together long enough I guess I'll just have to do" I smiled. Well, I’d have to do if it was legal in the state.

He reached up and kissed me, maybe not the best thing to do when you’re being carried up stairs. "Maybe,"he said thoughtfully, "I'd never thought about getting married before."

I shrugged. Why had I even said that? It was weird enough for me being in a stable relationship but marriage…? "Me either. I guess maybe cause it's not legal in that many places in the States"

"That wasn't why I'd never thought about it."

I kissed his cheek and put him down on the bed. He rolled onto his side and put an arm up to beckon me down to the bed. I rolled my eyes but lay down anyway.

"What, you were gonna leave me to sleep on my own?" he asked, pouting.

"Well, the original plan was to wait for you to fall asleep then call my mom and give her a list of things she's not allowed to show you" I said with a grin. That was strictly true.

"Fat chance, gorgeous, I wanna see it all," he grinned back at me.

I felt my smile falter at the thought of what most of the photos from high school would be of. "Even the photos of me and John?"

"Well I don't mind," he kissed me, "if you're not comfortable with me seeing them, then I won't."

"Mmm, at least you won't see my terrible haircut that way"

"I'll just see it in the photos that you're not with John in," he smirked.

"What if I got the terrible haircut for John?" I asked with a laugh. That was also strictly true. John had said my hair would look nice with blonde highlights so I got one of those home bleaching kits. Turns out I left it on for a bit too long and ended up looking like a skunk.

Maxxie laughed back. "I don't mind."

"You might as well see em, otherwise the photos'll just stop right before Freshman year" I said casually and Maxxie smiled.

"Ah well, at least I didn't have acne or a goth phase" I grinned.

"Shame. I was hoping there might be a few photos of you with badly dyed hair and guyliner on," he winked.

"I don't know, there was that one halloween..." I said, trailing off as I tried to remember who had been involved. Was that the year we went trick or treating with Hadley? No, we wouldn’t have gotten as wasted as we did if we’d had Hadley with us.

"Were there photos of it?" he asked with a grin, tearing me away from the memory.

"There were. There was also John dressed up like Marilyn Monroe, John's friend Aaron as a cheerleader and Brent as the school's resident whore. I think I was the only person who didn't dress up as a chick"

"Aw, but you'd look so good in a dress, bad hair cut or not,"

I glared at him, trying not to smile. I think one of those weird sideways half smiles slipped onto my lips. "I'd thought we'd already been through the whole "don't picture me in a dress" thing. And trust me; what Brent was wearing wasn't a dress"

"Who says what I was picturing was a modest dress?"

"Thanks for picturing me as Laura Malone" I said, remembering the school slut. She was sleeping with literally all the male teachers to keep her grades at an even decent level because she spent all her time making out with whatever guy was closest. Literally every day she got warnings for inappropriate dress since she used to come to school in crop tops that her boobs were practically falling out of and mini skirts that were small enough to belong to her eleven year old sister. All the women teachers gave up on her and she really didn’t care. Then this student teacher showed up and she tried it on with him since she was failing the class. Turns out he was gay and told her if she didn’t try in lessons she’d never make anything of herself. She works in a strip club now.

"If I knew what she looked like, it'd be a whole lot easier," Maxxie pouted, "picturing you as someone I don't know is effort."

"If you can deal with the trauma of a strip joint I'll point her out to you when we get back"

He paused for a moment, pretending to think about it "maybe not."

I smiled. "Well at least I know how to torture you now"

"By making me look at barely dressed women? You're a harsh guy sometimes," he whined. This was making me want to march him down there even more.

"Hey, I can even get Laura Malone to give you a private show. She does owe me, after all" I said, flashing him an evil grin. She owes me a shitload more than a private show. Back in Freshman year I let her copy a load of my answers and notes because she was off sick for a couple months. I hooked her up with one of the jocks in Junior year because she was too afraid to ask him out. They got married the other day, actually. It was a spur of the moment Vegas deal but it still counts. Oh, did I mention I introduced her to a shitload of bands? Wow, when you think about it that way, Laura and me could almost be considered friends.

Maxxie shuddered, the movement once again tearing me away from the memory. "Ew."

"You'd love it, you whore"

"I dislike women," he grimaced, "in a non misogynistic way."

"I thought you were imagining me as Laura"

"Lemme alone, I'm sleepy. I meant I'm imagining you in a dress."

"Get your ass to sleep then. And try not to have dreams about me in a dress" I laughed.

"Wake me up for dinner," he mumbled, already starting to drift off.

"Will do, dollface" I said quietly, planting a soft kiss on his forehead.

He smiled before finally closing his eyes and falling asleep. I smiled back, even though he couldn’t see it, and slipped off the bed to go find my cell phone.

The End

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