Annie: Strange??Mature

Hmm, I don't think I'm thinking normally anymore. Helena's come in and I've pulled away from kissing Thea to watch. "You got lucky Annie" Thea whispers teasing down my neck.

She tries to get into my pants but I step back and go over to Rosalita anf Helena. Thea Follows positioning herself behind Helena. I slide my own hand into Rosalita's pants shooting a look at Helena when she tries to do it as well. "Be nice Annie" Rosalita whispers kissing my neck again.

"Mine" I only just manage to gasp back as she pushes me onto the bed where Thea and Helena have already made it. I find myself closest to Helena and slide my hand over her now bare body.

She's gasping eyes closed and griping the pillow. "Hmm, Rosalita. Something tells me Helena might pass out soon" I mumble as I rest my chin on my hands lying on my front.

Rosalita comes away to join me her pants still on. She lies on her elbow and looks Helena up and down. "I agree.... Thea seems most likely to last longer" Rosalita says wrapping her arms round me. "You want to go first" She whispers it against my skin as she travels down to kiss and lick my breasts.

I let a tremble pass through my body and move away to stradle Helena. Her eyes flicker open but Rosalita puts a hand over them. "Hush, Hush now" She whispers then begins kissing her body.

I smile when Thea joins her and then begin my job between Helena's legs.

The End

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