Maxxie: my turn to be meanMature

I may have swerved a little bit. I may have also very nearly knocked over some punk kid crossing the road in the process.

I can't help that. Cay was doing a very good job.

Aside from that, we got home without much incident. I even managed to quickly get out and buy some condoms. Whether they'll be used or not remains to be seen.

If Cay ever lets us get that far. The moment we're through the door, Cay's hands are on my waist, his lips trailing over my skin, refusing to stay still for any longer than it took for me to register his touch. He pushed me up against the wall in the hallway, grinding his hips against mine for a moment as he pushed his lips on mine almost forcefully, though he only kissed me for a couple of seconds.

His smooth touches last only long enough to frustrate me. I don't get a chance to properly enjoy any of it and I feel a quiet growl rise in the back of my throat as he nips the skin on my shoulder. As much as I love being teased, I'm already turned on enough, as he knows full well. He brushes his hand over my crotch in an almost accidental sweep, eliciting the groan he'd been working for.

In that moment, something makes me wrap my arms around him, doing my best to ignore him as he keeps his hands and lips flitting over me as I kiss his neck gently, flicking the tip of my tongue over it. After a moment, I bite down, gently at first, before I start sucking on the skin hard; it's my turn to give him a hickey.

When I'm done I pull back to appraise the darkening mark on his skin with a grin before going back to kissing down his neck and shoulder. He opens his mouth to complain about the love bite, but I put a finger over his lips, keeping him quiet. I look into his eyes for a second, kissing him slowly as I slide a hand down his back, over his ass and around to the front, firmly palming him through his jeans. He bites back a moan, but his eyes flicker shut for a moment, betraying him.

"This isn't fair," he whispers in my ear, before sucking the lobe, his hands wandering again, instantly regaining the dominance I'd stolen from him. I do my best not to inhale sharply as he undoes my jeans for the second time, making to pull down my boxers.

And then he stands back, trying to hide an evil smirk. I suck in a breath, trying to stop my face from flushing with the effort it's taking to not push him straight to the floor and fuck him right there.

"I think this is even less fair," I murmur, "evil boy."

"Well I would've gone further but somebody wanted me to give them head," he gives me an evil grin and I pout.

"I don't think that's hampered anything," I point out, gesturing at the new boner.

"You have hands, don't you?" he smirks and I close the small gap between us, my hands on his hips, my lips brushing his as I speak.

"I also have a gorgeous boyfriend," I mutter, slipping one hand around to the button of his jeans, "which is infinitely better." He takes my hand and moves it back to his hip.

"That might be the case but your gorgeous boyfriend is enjoying being mean right now." I'm tempted to go and have a wank, just to prove that being mean isn't always the best thing, but then I have a much better idea.

"Mmm, I noticed," I nod, moving us both into the living room, just beside the chocolate leather sofa. He kisses my nose and shifts my hands, peeling them away from him. I move them instead to his shoulders and push him down on the sofa, kneeling over him so that I have a hand either side of his head, gripping the back of the cushion.

Before he has a chance to protest, I begin to kiss along his jaw, down his neck and sternum as far as I'd got his shirt undone.

It's my turn to be mean for once. 


The End

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