Rosalita:One, two, three, four.Mature

Annie surprised me by picking someone she knew, but I wasn't going to complain.

In her old bedroom Annie and Thea stood together, kissing while I watched. Rolling Thea's top up, Annie allowed them both a moments breath as she took it off, before returning to Thea's mouth. Thea's skin glistened with sweat in the dim light, and Annie's hands rubbing her body were aggrivating this sweat even more. I joined them slowly, standing between the two, kissing Thea as I rubbed her chest. Annie's arms wrapped around my waist, pulling at the waistband of Thea's trousers as she kissed my shoulder and neck tantilisingly.

Turning around I pulled Annie's top off, and felt Thea pulling mine off at the same time. I started on Annie's trousers, slipping the zip down and letting the trousers fall off her. I moved away from her, making Annie and Thea stand together again, and slipping Thea's trousers off in the process. And then the door opened.

We all looked round. Helena was stood in the doorway, her face owning the most shocked look I had ever seen.

"Hey Helena, you want to join?" Annie said teasingly. I looked at her shocked too. But she was joking.

"It'd be a challenge." I said, winking at Helena. "How could we possibly convince a straight girl to join in?" I slipped over and took her hand, squeezing it slightly. "I bet I can seduce her."

Helena readily followed me towards the other two, and just as readily slipped her top and trousers off. When my trousers were also disregarded, we all fell on to the bed.

What a night of tantalising pleasure.

The End

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