Cayden: NervousMature

“I’ll tell my granddad” he whined, trying his best to pull off a stroppy face.

“Go for it. Maybe then I’ll actually get to meet the guy” I said, determined not to laugh of smile.

The stroppy look stayed on his face but it was more genuine this time. Maybe…maybe he thought his gramps wouldn’t like me? Or wouldn’t approve of me or something.

"Why are you so opposed to me meeting him?"

“'Cause I know that both of you will go out of your way to be embarrassing."

"I give you full permission to embarrass me with my parents"

He laughed and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. But then the thought of Mom with the baby photos and the old clothes made me regret saying it.

"Actually, Mom'll do a good enough job of that herself..."

"I look forward to it," Maxxie said with a wink.

And then there’d be the high school photos with… and my terrible haircut. Oh God, and then there’d be the home videos of back when me and Hadley got on. Shit, and the videos of me and the guys…

"Oh God, I have to go there the day before and destroy    everything     from my past"

"No!" he grinned, "I wanna see the baby photos."

"Oh trust me, you'll see baby photos. She has more baby photos than I could ever destroy. The baby photos aren't even that bad"

"And all the rest," he smirked, "you won't get to see any of my photos, I'm afraid."

"Doesn't your gramps have any?" I asked, throwing him a disappointed look.

His smirk shrunk into a half smile. "No. No one in my family has any photos of me, I don't think."

"Damn. Alright, we'll compromise. I don't get to see your photos since they don't seem to exist now and you don't get to see my high school photos. Deal?"

"That's not fair!" he laughed, "You can't take away the high school photos just because my dad decided that I should be erased from their lives."

"I can and I will" I said and stuck my tongue out. Yes I’m aware I must’ve looked like a little kid.

"No way I can persuade you otherwise?" he asked, batting his eyes at me.

"Hmm, I guess by taking me to see your gramps tomorrow..."

He rolled his eyes and I resisted the urge to laugh. "Alright! You've bullied me into it. Happy now?"

I grinned like a dork and nodded. He smiled, leant over and the cheeky fucker stole my food.

"Cheeky" I said with a smile.

"You love it."


I stood in front of a full-length mirror I’d found at Maxxie’s place, obsessing over my appearance. Did my hair look too messy? Did I look smart enough? Did I look too smart? Was my shirt okay? Should I switch my jeans for something smarter? Wait, no, that’s not possible. Jeans are the smartest thing I own. "You're sure this shirt's okay?" I asked, figuring if the shirt was decent enough it’d draw attention away from the jeans.

"My granddad won't care what you look like," Maxxie said with a smile, appearing out of nowhere to hug me from behind, "that said, you're looking very sexy," he started kissing my neck teasingly. For once my brain managed to ignore it.

"D'you think he'll like me?" I asked, fidgeting nervously.

Maxxie’s soft laughter sounded in my ear. "Sure he will."

"Completely sure?"

"What makes you think he wouldn't?"

"Well we didn't exactly meet under the best circumstances" I laughed nervously. What if gramps asked how we met? Cause “I slept with your grandson when he was barely sober enough to remember his name and planned to never see him again” sounds good.

Maxxie shrugged, obviously not as worried about this as me. "He won't care, so long as we're both happy."

"I'm liking the sound of him more now"

"I think as long as we were happy, you could be a junkie or something and he wouldn't care," he laughed, "for the oldest living member of the family, he's incredibly liberal."

I smiled and that and relaxed a little bit but I was still convinced I’d be hated on sight. Either for my appearance or my behavior or my weird half and half accent and nationality. Jeez, Cayden, calm down.

"Just chill out, yeah? You'll make    me     nervous." Maxxie smiled and kissed my cheek before releasing me from his hug and moving back a step.

I sucked in a deep breath in a last bid to calm myself down and turned to face Maxxie. “Well, no time like the present”.

The End

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