Annie: Excited or Just Plain Nervous?Mature

"I don't know how this works" I mumble. Then I spot someone across the dance floor. "Wait... I got someone"

I grab Rosalita's hand and pull her through the crowd till we stand in front of my first girlfriend Thea. "Oh, Annie. Its a pleasure to see... you again" The words sounds like they die on her lips as she notices Rosalita behind me.

"What the matter Thea?" I ask. "Not gone straight again have you. You know I can't resist a challange and I don't think Rosalita here can either"

"Mmm, I don't think I would be able to" Rosalita says kissing my neck. "I mean I think you were a bit of a challange yourself Annie"

"Want to have some fun Thea?" I ask tilting my head to watch her which also gives Rosalita more space to kiss my neck. Thea swallows nervously but when I reach out and tug her arm to pull her to me she doesn't pull away.

"I think we've found someone" I say to Rosalita and she 'hmm's into my neck. I look at Thea and smile trailing my fingers down her chest allowing my smile to widen at the small shiver.

"Lets get back to the apartment.... we ain't going to the house" I say to Rosalita cause Thea is being as quiet as a mouse.

Rosalita smiles then pulls me through the crowd while I pull Thea. We make it out and too the cab.

We all get in and I lean back against Rosalita, who wraps her arms around me her hands cupping my breasts and goes back to kissing and licking?? my neck. I pull Thea down on top of me andd begin kissing her myself, letting my tongue flick across her lips.

Thea moans then turns into the girl I can proudly say I made. She moves her hips against mine and kisses me passionately on the mouth.

Then the cab pulls up to the old apartment. "We have to be back before 7 o'clock tomorow morning" I whisper to Rosalita as we get out of the cab.

"My alarms set.... now lets play" She whispers pulling us into the apartment and into my old room.

The End

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