Rosalita: This is good for usMature

 "Unless you fancy a lesbian threesome" She whispered, before trailing her lips across mine. I shuddered. Wouldn't that just be...perfect?

"If that's how you feel, then I say we go right now."

"What? Feel about what?" Jonathan was standing there as if his dreams had crashed around him...which technically, they had.

"A lesbian threesome. Jealous Jonathan?" He gritted his teeth. Obviously I was right. I pulled Annie away, grabbing Lilianna's baby carrier on the way. "Let's go."


Back at home Lilianna was placed in bed and the babysitter was in place. Annie was still going through lists of instructions with the sitter as I pulled her out the door.

"Let's go find us a hot lesbian."


The club was alive when we reached it. The dance floor was crowded, adn everyone was having a good time.

"Are you going to find someone, or am I?" I winked at Annie, flushed with excitement at the prospect ahead.

The End

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