Annie: Aint happening eitherMature

I reach over to Rosalita hugging her protectively by the waist. I know I'm meant to be sharing her but when Johnathan mentioned the threesome I thought he meant it as a joke. "She's mine Johnathan and I've only agreed she sleep with girls" Then a thought hit me. "Come with me Rosalita"

I pull her away from Johnathan into the bedroom. "Damn thats not nice" Johnathan moans when I close the door.

"I need to ask something. This open relationship thing..... I-I don't want anyone putting there fingers into you"

Rosalita looks slightly shocked. "Annie-" She moans.

"Don't answer now...." I say stepping up and putting a finger on her lips. "Just.... tell me before you.." I hold back a choaked cry. I take a deep breath. "Before you go with someone else"

Rosalita tries to speak but I kiss her full on the mouth. I put my hand down her pants. "I want to keep some part of you just mine" I whisper sliding my fingers into her. She holds back a gasp of pleasure.

I push her down on to the bed. "Annie" She moans trying to pull me to her. But I pull back and walk away. She moans.

"I can't have you here...... and you can't have anyone in the bed we share" Then letting a smile flick across my face. "This might work with us"

Then I step out to find Johnathan leaning against the wall. He looks at me and smiles, it drops of his face when Rosalita steps up behind me wrapping her arms around me just as protectively as I did.

"My turn for a rule" She whispers to me. "While we're together we wont.... have sexual contact with others"

I look back at her then whisper to quietly for Johnathan to hear but just loud enough for Rosalita. "Unless you fancy a lesbian threesome" I whisper trailing my lips across hers.

The End

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