Rosalita: Living conditionsMature

Yes! She didn't want to leave me.

"Of course hon. You can live with me and all. But are you sure you want to do this?"

She took a big breath. "Yes." I hugged her and showered her with kisses until she was quite breathless. And then I realised something.

"Are you...are you going to be with Jonathan?" She bit her lip.

"Probably." I screwed up my face.

"Well just make sure you wash afterwards then." She laughed half heartedly. "Hey, you always laugh at my jokes!" I tickled her until she was bent double with laughter. "Do you want to move back now?"

She took a breath. "Yeah, let me get my stuff from Jonathan's." I walked her to the door, feeling slightly awkward but thrilled that she was so understanding.

Jonathan opened the door in response to Annie's knock.

"Oh my god! You're not telling me she said yes?"

I was confused.

"Yes to what?"

"The threesome!" I went still.

"The what?" My voice sounded menacing even to me, and I saw Jonathan falter.

"Umm, I asked Annie...if...if you would have a threesome." He said, regaining some of his cockiness. I turned to Annie.

"Is that what he said on the phone?"

"Pretty much." I turned back to Jonathan.

"Aren't you going to invite us in?" He looked shocked, but allowed us through the door. Lilianna was asleep in her carrier. "So Jonathan, you really have a thing for us lesbians don't you?"

"Just you two." He was moving towards me and Annie where we had moved in the kitchen.

"So, where do you want to do this?" I went up to him and trailed my fingers down his front. "I'm pretty wild, you'd want to be comfortable. That's if you think you can handle me."

"Ohh, oh, um, well, the bedroom is free."

"Perfect." I reached up and was so close to kisssing him. "Psych." I pulled away laughing.


"Wow, down boy" I said looking at his trousers. "I'm a lesbian Jonathan. Do you really think I'd go for you? Especially after what you've done. Annie may be with you all she likes in this relationship, although I don't like it, if she's letting me do it then I suppose she can too. But I don't want to see you anymore than I have to."

The End

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