Annie: Will you?Mature

"I-I....." My phone goes off. Rosalita sighs and steps back turning round to face me after running a hand through her hair.

I pull out my phone and check the id 'Johnathan'. I sigh and press accept putting to my ear. "Yes Johnathan" I say. I hear Lilianna wailing in the back ground... quite close so he must be holding her.

"Yeah, um, Annie. Lil won't stop crying and she aint hungry" Johnathan says. I sigh heavily.

"Wrong time for this you know. Anyway its probably cause she needs changing" I hear him shift nervously. "The stuffs in the bag"

"Okay...... If this open relationship thing happens can you surgest a threesome cause girl that would make my day" He says moving about.

"Uh huh" I say rolling my eyes. "Just take care of your daughter" I press disconnect and turn to Rosalita.

"Hows Lilianna and what did he say at the end" Rosalita asks.

"She's fine" I say. "Being with her dad will be good for her...... Rosalita about this open relationship thing..... Can we start with not going totally seperate?"

The End

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