Annie: OpenMature

I wake up to Lilianna's crying and try to stretch finding I can't because of some firm arms around me.... to big to be Rosalita's. Then my sense come back to me and I bolt up into a sitting position. Johnathan looks at me then smiles. "I have to feed Lilianna" I mutter then slip out of the bed.

I grab Johnathan's t-shirt off the floor and pull it on. It reaches just above my knees I notice and this time I have no bruises on my legs, or any part of my body, to hide even though they seem to ache. I find Lilianna crying in her carrier and lift her out not bothering to find a bottle from the bag.

I take her into the living room deciding to breast feed her. I hear Johnathan walk into the room. I look back to see him wearing only tracksuit bottoms. He kisses me on the lips humming happily. "I wish I got the special treatment she gets" Johnathan whispers pulling back and stroking Lilianna's cheek lovingly.

Why is he being so nice? Its cause he has you now. He only resorts to abuse because he doesn't know how to react. Strangely my inner voice seems right and it only speaks seldom often.

I move out of the room and lay Lilianna back in her carrier. "Can you look after her for me?" I ask. Johnathan comes up behind me, as I straighten up, wrapping his arms round me. I turn to face him.

"Of corse I will" He whispers. He kisses me pressing me up to the wall. "Before you get ready may I have a treat before you leave"

I blush but taking his face between my hands gently reach up to kiss him and press my body to his. Once again we end up in the bedroom.


I reach the Coffee shop and when Rosalita see's me I see her eyes widen in shock. But they are still filled with pain and something else.

I know why she's shocked. I've straightened my curls and pulled my hair back into a ponytail reason being she says my hair hanging around me like a tumbling water fall has always made me look beautiful.

I sit down after ordering a hot chocolate but Rosalita only speaks once I have my drink in front of me. "Where's Lilianna?" She asks lightly.

"With Johnathan" I say calmly and looking down at my fidgeting hands. Rosalita takes in a sharp breath and I look up  at her. "She's safe with him"

"What are you thinking Annie?" She snaps.

"Well he's never hurt me as much as you have!" I snap back. Rosalita is frozen as I get together my stuff together. I pull out a £5 note and put it on the table. "I thought we would be able to talk calmly" I continue standing up. "I was even going to surgest an open relationship... like be together but be able to sleep with other people. Seems we can't be calm long enough to get to that"

Then without hesitation I turn and walk off down the street.

The End

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