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Okay, so I’d been opposed to spending Maxxie’s savings in the first place but when we went past the Drop Dead store I just had to take a look inside. And when I did… Fuck, everything in there was fucking sexy. I easily spent a couple hundred pounds in there on t-shirts alone. And then I felt kinda bad about it. I really did try not to spend too much but I guess I got a bit carried away. The two of us were heading… I’m not sure where but I know I had a hold of Maxxie’s hand.

“I feel terrible. How can I make it up to you?” I whined, leaning my head on Maxxie’s shoulder.

“Why do you feel terrible?” he asked. Apparently he didn’t have a problem with me spending all this money.

“Cause it’s your money and I spent so much”

"You'll be glad to know your budget is quite a bit bigger than that," he laughed.

"Doesn't stop me feeling bad. I didn't want to spend any of your cash in the first place".

He prodded my side gently, "It's fine".

"I seriously have to make it up to you though"

"Let me have a lie in tomorrow and all will be forgiven," he said, smiling innocently.

"I guess I could manage that" I laughed.

"Good" he said and yawned. I could tell it was fake but figured I'd pretend it wasn't. I wanted to get back to his, after all. If I was at his place I couldn't spend absurd amounts of his money. Jeez, I feel like a golddigga.

I kissed him, toning it down a little since I didn't know if we were in a particularly homosexual-friendly part of the city, and winked, "If you're so tired we should probably head back".

He hummed in agreement and I looked around, trying to find some kind of identifiable landmark.

"Which way is 'back'?"

Maxxie laughed. Apparently me being lost is also funny to him. "We can get the tube".

"Oh God"

"Don't sound so horrified"

"If I get lost I'm blaming you"

He grinned. "I grew up here. I won't get you lost".

Oh Maxxie, that kind of wasn't my point. "Yeah but what if I lose you?" I mumbled and blushed a little.

Maxxie leant over and kissed me and I have to say, it was nice to not actually get any death glares for kissing the guy you love. "I won't let go of you, 'kay?"

"Mmm" I said, smiling. Frankly I don't think he would've gotten an opportunity to let go of me.

He smiled back and started leading me towards the tube. I kept hold of his hand on the way there but loosened my grip a bit as he tried to teach me how to read the tube map. I had no fucking idea what he was even talking about but I nodded along like I understood anyway. He laughed, noticing my confusion and pointed.

"This way".

For the entire ordeal I clung to Maxxie like we were going through that mushy new couple stage. It must've looked like I was his conjoined twin or something. But either way I buried my head into his neck until it was time to change trains.


By the time we got back to his, I wouldn't be surprised if he had bruises from where I was clinging onto him so much. I was still reluctant to let him go once we got off the damn train-beast but figured clinging onto him like I was a little kid must've been getting annoying so I settled for holding his hand instead. I'd never been much of a holding hands person but with Maxxie I felt weird if I wasn't touching him. Maxxie smiled as we walked through the front door.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Can't say it's on my top ten list of things to do" I said, kissing him. I'd really prefer it if we didn't ever have to use that thing again but it's quicker than traipsing across London.

Maxxie kissed back, slow and sweet before pulling away. "Wanna choose where we go have dinner tonight?"

"I won back my prize then?" I laughed. In all honesty, I'd completely forgotten about it. "And I don't mind, it's not like I actually know anywhere".

"Well d'you wanna go to Chinatown or find an Italian...?"

"Whatever you think I'd like" I said with a smile. I really didn't care where we went, the fact that we were together was enough for me.

Maxxie bit his lip, gaze drifting to his feet. "I don't know what your favourite food is. Apart from pancakes" he looked up briefly and gave me a weak smile.

Did he really feel bad about that? I didn't give a fuck that he didn't know my favourite food, after all it's probably down to me that he doesn't know. Remember I have that whole "I don't like telling people things about me" thing going on? Yeah, that extends to favourite foods as well. I tried thinking of something to say to cheer Maxxie up but ultimately, there's only one way of doing it.

I kissed him for about the millionth time that day and smiled. "I'll try anything".

"Mmm," he kissed back, "Chinatown, then. I wanna get some random sugary things from one of the shops there".

"There's something I wanna do first"

"What's that, then?"

I tugged at Maxxie's shirt, hoping he'd get the message. I didn't exactly want to inform him that my libido had finally decided to rear its ugly head in words and just hoped actions were enough. And luckily he seemed to get the message because he smiled back at me.

"Hopefully it'll cheer your jetlagged self up" I said, kissing him and working on getting the buttons on his shirt undone.

He hummed into the kiss and slid his hands up under my shirt. I shivered a little because damn his fingers were cold. Well, that and the fact that his hands were all over me.

I laughed as things started getting a little more heated. "Whatever will the neighbours say?" I asked in an innocent voice.

"Probably the same as my parents did" he grinned.

I pressed myself against him and locked my lips against his, pulling back only to breathe and say "Less talking".

He tugged at my shirt and lifted it over my head, forcing me to put my arms up so he could slip it off, and nodded. I kissed him again and started pulling him upstairs by his shirt, eager not to piss off the neighbours. For I all know they might run me out of the country with torches and pitchforks. That’s an English thing to do, right? I didn’t pay attention to which room I pulled him into, I just know there was a bed since I pushed him onto it and straddled him. I teased him a little before finally giving in.

Wow, tourist sex is awesome.

The End

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