Maxxie: London EyeMature

As Cay's bounciness continues all the way into the heart of the city, not fading one iota from the moment he woke me up, I begin to wonder if he's up to something, or if my bitchiness this morning was completely uncalled for.

Most likely the latter.

But I'm serious about the budget. I don't feel like being bankrupt.

I'm just wondering if a couple of thousand would be enough for someone with no restraint.

I deliberately take a long route past Buckingham palace and the houses of parliament so that we don't have to do them separately later on. I look up at the over decorated buildings through heavily lidded, uninterested eyes. Both structures house useless, unproductive, overpaid idiots, and were made by similar people years before.

Thankfully, Cay doesn't seem especially interested either and we wander through the streets in the general direction of the Eye at a leisurely pace. I'm trying to think of other over rated tourist attractions that I can get over and done with so we can just spend the next few weeks relaxing together, rather than having to do stuff all the time.

I buy us both tickets for the Eye and while we're queuing up, I rest my head on Cay's shoulder, closing my eyes, shuffling along whenever I need to, without looking up. I'm too tired for this, but Cay's bubbly happiness still refuses to wear off. Not that I want him to be quiet or miserable. I just want him to be... well normal, would be good.

"Don't be falling asleep on me," he says, sliding an arm around my waist. I move one of my hands up to hold his, keeping his arm around me.

"I don't like flying," I moan. He laughs softly, giving my hand a light squeeze.

"Idiot. Why'd you move so far away then?"

"I wanted to be an actor, remember? Seemed like a good idea at the time." That and I'd let Alex choose. We'd both wanted to move to America, but I'd let him choose where we went. With my aspirations in mind, Alex had chosen Hollywood. I push that memory from my mind. We're here to forget that, not remember more of it.

"You probably would've done better out here. Most of the people in Hollywood want to be actors or rock stars"

"Just for saying that, I'm going to make you watch an English film," I say with a smile.

"Oh yeah? Which one?" he grins and I open my eyes, lifting my head to reply with an evil smirk.

"The one that made my friend have a panic attack over using the underground, Creep." It's supposed to be a horror, and up til about halfway through the film it does a good job of it. Set in the London underground, it was uncomfortably close to home, thinking about creepy things crawling through the tunnels, killing people.

"Dude, I looked at a map of that thing. How do you understand it? It just looked like lines to me."

"It's not hard," I laugh, "I'll explain it to you later."

"Just keep hold of me whenever we have to actually use it otherwise I'm so getting lost"

"Will do, gorgeous," I promise as we reach the front of the sparse queue. Some woman ushers us onto the pod thing and I lie down on the bench in the middle, ignoring the Japanese tourists that join us, scowling at me for taking up the whole bench.

Cay looks around, and then down at the river. "What the fuck did you guys do to the water to get it that colour?"

I smile up at the ceiling, "we threw shit in it for hundreds of years."

"Classy," he mutters and lies down beside me, taking my hand. We ignore the weird looks we get off the tourists and I smile at him, returning the grip.

"Don't you wanna see the view?"

"The view from right here's good enough for me," he smiles back and I turn my head to kiss him. The kiss makes his smile widen. "When do I get to meet your gramps?"

"I dunno," I say, waving my hand dismissively, "some time. He'll have forgotten by now anyway." He's like your parents and grandparents rolled into one. Because my gran died when I was a little kid and my parents now hate me, he feels the need to cover all four roles simultaneously.

"Aww c'mon, I wanna meet him."

"Why?" I ask, arching an eyebrow slightly. No one has ever been so eager to meet the old man before.

"Cause he's important to you," he mutters, blushing a little bit. I resist the urge to go "awwwwwwwww!" and instead settle with a grin and another kiss.

"This is why I love you so much," I giggle, "you can be so insanely cute."


The End

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