Cayden: Going To Be A Good DayMature

After sleeping for what felt like a week, my jetlag was gone. Completely gone, just disappeared into thin air. I woke up feeling better than I had in months. Wow, if this is what flying does to me then I’m fucking doing it all the time. I stretched with a yawn and decided Maxxie needed to know that I was feeling brilliant so I may have poked him a little bit. All I got in response was a grunt.

“Maxxie” I said in a sing-songy voice.

"What?" he groaned.

"Wake up, London's calling"

"You're hearing things" he said and rolled over, away from the noise I was making.

I hopped off the bed and threw open a window, taking in the  busy sounds. "Nope, it's definitely calling you. You can't hear that?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

He opened one eye and looked at me like I was either mad or committing the worst crime in the history of his life. Actually, probably a bit of both. "Just you”

"Well then, grumpy, London's calling    me     and I want to go say hi"

"Mmm okay... Don't get lost."

I pouted. Was he seriously suggesting I go out there on my own? I’ve seen maps of the Underground here and it’s fucking confusing. "You're sending little old me out there on my own?"

"I'm tired" he whined.

"You're always tired" I said, full on sulking.

"You can help wake me up, y'know."

"Nuh uh, not today, dollface" I said with a smile, trying not to laugh.

"What d'you think I was gonna ask for? I want coffee."

"Yeah, that's what they all say" I laughed.

He reached up and pulled me down onto the bed with him. As much as I wanted to be lying in bed with my boyfriend, I was in a different country with stuff to see and shit I really don’t need but like the look of to buy. "Fine. If you won't get me coffee, I'll have a hug instead."

I wrapped him in a bear hug and smiled. "Now get up, lazy"

"Urgh. If I have to." With that he sat up, yawning like his life depended on it.

I grinned and bounded off to my suitcase to pull out some clean clothes. The silence coming from the bedroom told me all I needed to know. "I can hear you sleeping!"

"M'not sleepin'," he mumbled, most likely into the pillow.

"I'll throw water on you if I have to"

He moaned but there was still no hint he was getting out of bed.

"I'm doing it. I'm seriously getting some water right now"

Nothing. Not even a flinch.

"Maxxie, get up" I said, trying not to laugh. Sure I didn’t have any water but he didn’t know that.

"I dislike you," he grumbled as he hauled himself to the bathroom.

"Of course you do" I said, shaking my head as I got dressed. It wasn’t exactly my best clothes but they were still pretty smart. Hey, I’ve gotta represent two different countries over here. "So what stuff does London have to offer me anyway?"

"Depends how much of a tourist you are."

"Don't take me anywhere I can bankrupt myself. I would like some money left at the end of this" I laughed.

"Oh, it's okay," he smiled, "we're using my English savings account for this trip."

"You're not some secret billionaire looking for the picture perfect wife, are you?"

"Not quite," he laughed. "I'd much rather have a husband."

"That's what the wife always says"

"So long as you don't make me dress up"

"But you'd look great in a pearl necklace"

"I was thinking about taking you out to dinner tonight, but I've changed my mind, suddenly" he said with a scowl.

"You're mean" I pouted. And it was a genuine pout, not a jokey pout. You can’t go being mean to the tourist.

"I'm gay, not a tranny. So I think that makes    you     the mean one, m'dear," he smiled and prodded me in the side.

I, however, was still annoyed and crossed my arms, the pout still on my lips.

"You have all day to change my mind about dinner," he said with an evil grin. And for once he actually managed to look sinister.

"Well then there's no time like the present. And you, mister, are gonna have to teach me all the English lingo" I smiled and kissed him, hoping he’d take the hint that I wanted to get out and explore.

He hummed and I pulled back after a while.

"Is there an English expression for 'hurry your ass up, I only need to brush my teeth'?" I asked, laughing as I made my hint a little more blunt.

"Depends which part of London you're in," he laughed, "this end is to sit quietly and wait politely."

"I don't like this end then" I winked.

"You'd prefer the end that goes 'get the fuck out of the bathroom' then? That's okay. You can stay there tonight and tell me how much you like it in the morning."

"Something tells me we'd get on well and I'd have a lot to drink"

"And then get stabbed and spend the rest of the holiday in hospital," he paused for a moment as a frown snuck onto his face, "on second thoughts, don't stay there tonight."

I laughed and he wrapped me in a warm hug. I hugged him back, kissing his nose with a smile.

"Can I go brush my teeth now?"

"You could've brushed your teeth ten minutes ago," he grinned.

Cheeky fucker. I kissed him and slipped off to brush my teeth, hearing him start to get dressed. I wandered out of the bathroom, toothbrush in mouth, and asked him "Where are we going first?"

I looked over at him and saw him trying to choose between two shirts. He should go for the one on the left, it made him look sexier. "Umm... I dunno. London Eye?"

…Maybe I should’ve looked up stuff to do in London before we came out here, I barely had idea what that was."That's the big wheel thing, right?"

"Mmm" Maxxie finally gave in and held up the two shirts, asking for my opinion. Well, maybe not my opinion, "pick."

I pointed at the one on the left. "That one, it's prettier"

Without a word he slipped it on.

"See, told you it was prettier"

"You can be my fashion advisor when we go shopping, then."


"But just because I have a savings account, don't take that as a cue to go mad and spend all my money," he flashed me a warning look before continuing, "I've already suffered your impulse buying, and that was just for a coke."

"Fine, I will try and resist the urge to spend every pound you own. Try being the main word there"

Wow, Maxxie sure wasn’t a happy bunny. He flashed the glare of doom and I couldn’t help but laugh at it. It was adorable in its own pissed off kind of way.

"Maybe I'll give you a budget," he laughed, "once you've spent it, that's it. I shall have no sympathy."

"I'll just have to give you the puppy dog eyes treatment" I grinned.

"No sympathy" he said firmly. Ooh, Mr. Serious.

"Fine" I laughed "Ready?"


I grabbed his hand, intertwining our fingers as we walked out the door and into the decidedly sunny street. I had a feeling it was going to be a good day.

The End

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