Cayden: Maybe This Wasn't Such A Good IdeaMature

Alex put the book down and walked over to Maxxie. Well, tried to walk over. Unfortunately there was a giant Australian stick insect in his way.

"Sorry dude, staff only"

"Max is hardly staff!"

"Fine, staff and VIPs"

"I don't want to talk to you, Alex. I'll talk when I'm ready, okay?" Alex fell back a step, nodding reluctantly.

 "See how much nicer things go when people don't use their fists?" I said brightly.

"Don't push it," he growled, pulling some cash out of his pocket and shoving it in my direction, "Keep the change," he grabbed his books on the way out and slammed the door a little as he left

Brent looked up confused at all the commotion. "What's up with him?"

"He's my ex," Maxxie sighed.

"Ooh, burn. I feel for you, kid" Brent said with the hint of a laugh at the beginning.

"I wanna go home," Maxxie said to no one in particular.

I wrapped him in a hug.  I couldn’t blame him for wanting to leave after that "Go. I'll be round later. If that's okay with you, I mean"

He hugged back but there wasn’t something right about it. "I meant London, Cay." He said quietly, almost as if he didn’t want me to hear.

"Whoa, like for serious? But that's like a million miles away, bro" Brent said, relaxing back into his usual self.

I, on the other hand, stayed silent. Being an immigrant myself I knew what he was getting at but then again, I’d had more time to get over it and get used to life in the States. Didn’t stop me missing Australia, though.

He looked up at me. "Cay?"

I smiled but could tell I must’ve looked tired, thinking about Australia tends to do that to me. "It's up to you"

He kissed my cheek lightly. "You can come with me, if you want... I'm not talking permanently or anything."

 "One condition" I said with an evil smile.

"What's that?" he asked cautiously. Jeez, you’d think I was some kind of sexual deviant with a weird fetish by the way he asked it.

"You come meet my parents"

Brent laughed at that. Just like I knew he would. "Momma Smith is fierce"

"That's not fair," Maxxie half laughed, "you don't have to meet mine."

"Shut up about my mom, bitch" I snapped half-heartedly at Brent before turning to Maxxie, "They're not that bad really. And much as Brent would have you believe, my mom isn't a fire breathing dragon who'd kill you as soon as she looked at you. She's just protective, that's all"

He laughed. "Aren't most mothers?"

"Exactly. It's not my fault his mom's a hooker" I flashed a grin at Brent.


Brent glared thought whether it was at me or Maxxie I couldn’t entirely tell.

Maxxie smiled though. "You're safe. I'm not as mean as Cay."

Brent smiled back. "Nice to know there's one gay guy out there who isn't an absolute bitch"

"There're more of us, but we get drowned out by the loud, bitchy ones," he grinned and kissed me.

I kissed back, smiling at the thought of what I was going to say. "Excuse me, who's the one making all the noise in bed?"

Maxxie blushed and threw a hand over my mouth. "Liar."

"Right then you, I've got books to sell and moms to insult and you've got a trip to plan" I said, smiling and shifting his hand out of the way after leaving a small kiss on it.

He went back to hugging me and I slipped an arm around his waist, kissing his forehead.

 "Get going, dollface. Cause if I've sorted things out with my folks before you've even thought about sorting about plane tickets and shit we're so going to them first"


"He's serious, kid. I think he likes taking people to meet his dragon of a mom. It turns him on or something" Brent said, trying not to laugh despite me throwing my most intimidating glare in his direction.

"I think I preferred you talking to books. You'll make me nervous."

"Don't worry, she'll love you"

Brent muttered something which luckily Maxxie didn’t catch but I sure as hell knew what he was muttering about. I flashed him a serious glare this time before turning back to Maxxie and smiling.

Maxxie kissed me again and pulled away reluctantly. "I better get to sorting stuff out, then."

"See you later" I said with a smile as he walked out.

“Dude, what’s Hadley gonna say?” Brent asked, deadly serious but with a hint of a laugh.

“I have no fucking idea but it won’t be pretty”.

Fuck, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

The End

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