Cayden: Well This Is Fun, Huh?Mature

Okay, what was that all about? I’m enjoying a nice kiss with Maxxie when all of a sudden he pulls away and drags me away from the door. Yeah, cause that’s normal. Something in the store was making him jumpy and I tried to look in and see what it was. Brent and his stupid pacing kept getting in my way. “Why are we hiding?”

"You mean apart from the fact you're still only wearing boxers?"

I shrugged. "I've served customers in boxers before"

"Ever served your boyfriend's ex in boxers before?" he asked incredulously.

"Nope, can't say I've ever done that. There's a first time for everything though, right?" I said with a wink. And I meant it. It’d be interesting to see how Alex reacted to me wandering out in just my boxers.

"Yes, but it can wait til I'm not here."

"Sorry, dollface, can't keep customers waiting and this place has no back door"

He sighed and leant back on the wall. "Brent is perfectly capable of handling one customer, but fine." And with that he stared at the floor in front of him.

"You sure?" I said, pointing at Brent who was stood having a conversation with what looked like a copy of Moby Dick.

He glanced around and shrugged, clearly not happy with the situation either way. "Just get rid of Alex, yeah?"

I gave a small salute, smiling a little and said "Will do, dollface"

He gave a half smile in response. Yep, definitely wasn’t into the whole “see what happens” thing as much as me.

"Can I wind him up a little bit first? Please please please"

"Want another trip to the hospital?"

I faked a thinking face, pretending to weigh up the pros and cons of winding up Alex. "Well, I'm not drunk this time. But I am pretty much naked. Then again, Brent was on the Judo team in high school..."

"And Alex has been doing MMA since he was ten."

"Okay, so he's a badass. But I'm a stick insect with the flexibility of a snake" I laughed.

He gave me a half smile again. "It's up to you, Cay."

"Nah, I'll leave it this time. I don't think Brent's up for a brawl right now"

Brent had picked up another book, I think it was Alice In Wonderland, and was making the two have a conversation with each other.

"Your best friend is a mental case," he said, looking at Brent exasperatedly and still trying to hide from Alex. I glanced round and caught Alex trying not to smile at what Brent was doing.

I smiled. "Why else d'ya think he's my friend?"

He paused, almost as if he was trying to think of a reason. "Good point," he finally said with a laugh.

I pecked him on the lips and pulled back, stretching my arms a little. "Right, let me go deal with your stalker ex and try and somehow make Brent normal again"

"You're a regular knight in shining armour, huh?" Maxxie smiled.

"Does that make you a princess then?" I said, laughing at the thought of Maxxie dressed up like a princess. Is it weird that he actually looked hot in a dress?

He tried to scowl but it really didn’t have the desired impact.

 "Trust me, you'd make one hot princess" I said with a grin.

"I'd rather not find out,"

"You so would" I said with a laugh and walked into the store. "Well if it isn't a familiar face. What can I do for ya?"

Clearly surprised and trying to ignore the fact that I was just in my boxers he answered me. Well it was more than I’d been expecting. I thought he’d go more for the silent treatment. "Interesting spin on customer service you have here,"

I shrugged "Keeps people happy"

"I'm sure it does," he glanced at my temple, no doubt checking out his handiwork in the daylight even though most of it had calmed down and healed, "How's your head?"

I frowned a little, trying to work out if he was actually concerned or not. "It's good. It'd be better if your fist hadn't decided to say hi though"

He held his hands up, splaying his fingers a little. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you so hard."

"No worries, man, I'll just have to break out my stick insect powers on you some time. I'm assuming you want a book since this is a bookstore"

He smiled and went back to looking at the bookshelves. "I was just browsing."

"Ignore the crazy guy. He owns the place and he's freaking out a bit right now"

Brent sent a glare in my direction and went back to his conversation with his books. It was a small step but Brent was finally getting over the mental shock of what went down the night before.

Alex picked up a book and read the blurb. "What freaked him out?"

"Oh, nothing really, just a threesome" I said casually like it was nothing. Well, it is nothing. Just when you’re straight and the threesome involves three guys things must get a little weird.

He flashed the same half smile I kept getting from Maxxie. "And that freaked him out because...?"

"He's not so into fucking guys"

He laughed. "You must have gotten him pretty drunk."

"Either that or we bullied him into it, I'm not sure"

He smiled and started looking at another book while my gaze drifted around the store. I was bored as hell. I mean, when I walked out in my boxers I was expecting glares and shouting but this was just him shopping and me doing my job. Where’s the fun in that?

He finally decided on a book and turned to say he found what he wanted but something behind me caught his eye. Maxxie hadn’t been close enough to be seen, had he? I looked back and sure enough, there was Maxxie.

"Oh. Well this is fun, huh?" I said nervously.

The End

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