Maxxie: Bookworm ExMature

I prod Cay's side gently, hovering over him, trying to ignore Brent's awkward wandering around and tidying the shop.

"Wake up," I mutter in his ear. He frowns, but that's the only response I get from him. "Huh. Not even a grunt," I sigh to myself, resisting the urge to lay back down and pull his arms around me again.

"Oi!" I yell, wincing as I suddenly sound like I'm from east end London. For someone who grew up in Kensington, I sound a lot like a chav, sometimes. My shout did the job though, as Cay jumps, his eyes snapping open, looking around blearily.

"What did I miss?" he asks huskily.

"Nothing. But you're lying in the middle of Brent's back room butt naked. I don't think he likes it too much," I tell him, glancing at Brent, who is desperately keeping his gaze away from us as much as possible, wandering around and muttering to himself, having run out of things to tidy up.

"How's he taking it?" Cay murmurs, sitting up and looking around for his boxers.

"Umm..." I look between the two of them again, "not so great."

"Fuck. Did he say anything to you?"

I give a noncommittal shrug, muttering: "Not much, really." I sigh, hoping Brent will manage to get over it. And that it hasn't royally fucked him over, or our potential friendship. I chew on my lower lip, as Cay heaves a sigh as well.

"I'll talk to him later on."

"Mmm," I nod, putting one arm around him, resting my head on his shoulder as I wonder what Brent's muttering under his breath about, "I feel kinda bad, now." The guilt still doesn't outweigh the sex, but it's threatening to.

"Don't sweat it, he'll get over it. He's probably just freaking ‘cause the gayest thing he'd done before was kiss a guy in high school," he tells me and I nod, the movement triggering a slight throb in my neck. I lift a hand to my neck and remember Cay had been determined to leave another mark. "You gotta stop doing that," I laugh slightly, "I get weird looks."

He leans over and kisses the new love bite, murmuring into my skin, "I could always leave them somewhere else." I tilt my head slightly without thinking so he can reach my neck easier.

"Depends on where you were thinking about."

"Hmm, well you'll just have to wait and see," he says, moving his lips up to mine, kissing me firmly. As I'm kissing back, I hear the door of the shop open and open one eye to look past Cayden, wondering if we need to move from where we are near the door to the back room or not.

When I see who Brent's latest customer is, my eyes widen and I pull back from the kiss at lightening speed, moving away from the door even quicker, dragging Cayden with me.

I hate having a bookworm for an ex.


The End

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