Cayden: So HotMature

At some point we moved into the back room. I guess Brent must have choked the idea out to maintain at least a shred of dignity. Can you blame him? But still, the sheer anticipation left each of my nerve endings tingling. I was about to have a threesome with my gorgeous boyfriend and straight as a board best friend. Fuck yes.

I stood palming myself through my jeans as I watched Maxxie and Brent. Maxxie had shoved Brent down onto the sofa in the back room and straddled him, kissing him like his life depended on it. At first Brent had been reluctant to react but soon enough he loosened up and started kissing back. Maxxie started grinding his hips into Brent’s, eliciting a deep moan from Brent. I bit my lip to keep back my own moan. The way things were going the bulge in my pants would need more attention than my hand and soon.

I cleared my throat as things between Brent and Maxxie started getting a little heated. Sure all’s fair game in this but c’mon, Maxxie’s my boyfriend. Maxxie eyed me and gave Brent one final kiss before standing up and making his way over to me. This was the first time I’d seen him being dominant and fuck, was I enjoying it. He replaced the hand on my crotch with his own, kissing along my neck in exactly the right spots. Something told me Maxxie was gonna be the one paying attention to people in this.

A moan from Brent made the two of us look over to see him fumbling with the button on his jeans. Well he’s suddenly eager, isn’t he?

Maxxie sauntered over to Brent, pulling me along with him. Brent’s jeans were undone and off within in seconds, showcasing the tent his boxers had formed. He groaned as Maxxie straddled him again and set to work on the buttons of his shirt. The shirt came off without any form of protest from Brent who had been so set against this just a few minutes ago. He attached his mouth to Brent’s again and they stayed like that for what seemed like hours. Fuck, we should’ve gone for a foursome; I’ve got nothing to do.

Jealous of all the attention Brent was getting from Maxxie, I gently tugged Maxxie off Brent’s lap only to replace him with myself. A look of fear flashed through Brent’s now open eyes since he knew exactly what I was capable of but he relaxed into it again when I nibbled at his collarbone and slowly made my way up to his mouth. In an instant Maxxie was at my neck, kissing and biting at the skin. I moaned into Brent’s mouth which he seemed to enjoy since he bucked his hips up into mine. We stayed like that for an age, Maxxie sucking on my neck and me pinning Brent down whenever he tried to move until Maxxie needed some attention paying to him. He tugged on my shirt and I pulled away from Brent, pecking him on the lips before turning to Maxxie. Ignoring his attempts to kiss me, I pulled off his shirt and trousers, planting a soft kiss just above the waistband f his boxers.

“I think we all need to be naked” Maxxie murmured.

I couldn’t agree more and evidently neither could Brent. Within moments the three of us stood naked, clothes strewn around the room covering almost every inch of the floor. I grinned at Maxxie, awaiting instruction since he seemed to be in charge of the whole thing. I glanced at Brent, who stood with his head down and staring at his feet. I turned to face him and hooked a finger under his chin, gently pulling his face up to look me in the eye before kissing him. Maxxie’s hands snaked around my waist and headed down to my crotch. I hummed as Maxxie started jerking me off, making Brent moan again. I bit down on his bottom lip before turning and giving Maxxie the same treatment.

I pulled away for a second when Brent moaned again. “How are we doing this, Maxxie?”

“Why’re you asking me?” he asked breathlessly, desperately trying to reattach himself to my lips.

“Cause it’s all up to you, dollface” I grinned.

“Fuck me” he practically growled before bringing his lips back to mine fiercely.

Well that’s all fine and dandy but what about Brent? We couldn’t have him being left out and something told me he wouldn’t quite be up for sucking some stranger’s dick. I couldn’t say the odds were much better for him to suck me off but if the booze had started taking effect then he’d certainly let his best friend fuck him. I kissed Maxxie once more and turned my attention back to Brent, ignoring the annoyed groan that came from Maxxie. I pecked Brent on the lips before holding up two fingers.

“Get them nice and wet, Brenny Baby” I said softly and Brent started sucking on them, coating them in his spit. Fuck, that guy would give great head.

“This’ll hurt a bit but I promise it’ll get so much better” I whispered as I slipped a finger inside him. What? He’s my best friend and it was the first time he’d done anything like this, of course I was gonna prepare him for it.

He sucked in a breath but shivered as I started ghosting kisses over every available inch of skin. I made sure he was entirely focused on the kisses drifting over his skin before adding another finger and stretching him a little.

“Fuck” he gasped out, clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

“Ssh, just wait. I swear it’ll feel so good” I whispered, kissing along his jaw.

I spat on my palm a couple times and coated my member before taking the plunge and pushing into Brent. He cried out a little and clenched his eyes shut but I kept whispering soothing words into his ear and trailing kisses up and down wherever I could reach. He let out a shaky breath and nodded a little when he was ready. I set up a steady rhythm, not too fast since it was his first time but not too slow, and smiled at the string of profanities that fell from Brent’s mouth. Man, if I’d known he was this vocal when it came to sex. I looked over at Maxxie as a set of moans joined Brent’s swearing and saw him jerking himself off in time with me. Brent was already a trembling mess beneath me. Fuck, of course he wasn’t gonna last long, this was his first time. I bit my lip as I felt him tighten around me; he wasn’t going to last much longer. I snaked my hand down to deal with his boner and give him the release he desperately needed but found him already taking care of himself. I bit down on his shoulder and with one final burst of moans and profanities he was done.

I pulled out and looked at my gorgeous boyfriend, biting on his lower lip. I beckoned for him to come over and gave him the same treatment as Brent except this time it was me that desperately needed to come. Maxxie moaned with each thrust and sucked in a breath as Brent’s mouth closed around his dick. Oh I see, the sexy British guy gets head but the Aussie has to do all the work. I bit my lip as I felt myself getting close. Fuck, I didn’t want this to be over yet.  But all good things have to come to an end, right? I sucked on his neck, determined to leave another love bite and with a shuddering moan emptied my load into him. Just seconds after Maxxie shuddered one final time and came in Brent’s mouth. Whether he spat or swallowed I don’t know because frankly all I cared about was snuggling up to my boyfriend and falling asleep.

But seriously, that was fucking hot.

The End

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