Cayden: Threesome?Mature

I glanced at Brent, flashing him a “fuck this up and I’ll kill you” look. What? The guy had serious potential to make or break this relationship. Okay, so maybe it was just me trying to protect my pride. I kind of talk about Maxxie a little more than I should and, well, it’s a little bit embarrassing if the person involved actually finds out. Brent flashed me a grin that said “I know what I’m doing” before turning to Maxxie.

“Sure you do, kid” he said with a smile.

Wait, that’s it? No big speech about how much I go on about him? No embarrassing comments? No sarcastic remarks? Okay, who was this guy and what did he do to Brent? I stood with my jaw hanging open slightly in shock.

“Watch it, Cay, your face’ll get stuck like that if you’re not careful” Brent said, offering Maxxie a beer. There we go, that was more like the Brent I knew.

Maxxie took the bottle from him. “Thanks”.

"So, kid, what junk's Cay been spewing about me?" Brent asked, grabbing another beer.

"Only that you're an amazing best friend and all that jazz," Maxxie said, laughing slightly. I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or if he really just didn’t want to be there.

I blushed and buried my nose into Maxxie’s neck as if that would somehow make the situation better. "Why are we talking about me so much?"

"Because you're awesome?" he said with a grin and locked lips with me.

"Eww, public display" Brent laughed. Wow, this must be so awkward for him.

Maxxie, sparing no concern for Brent’s awkwardness, glanced at him and kissed me harder. Hell, we were practically tongue wrestling.

I pulled away for a second, ignoring the slight look of annoyance on Maxxie’s face, "Shut up, you love it, you whore" And with that I went straight back to kissing Maxxie. And for once it was him doing the humming and not me.

"Wait,    I'm     the whore? Sorry Mr. I-Go-Out-Picking-Up-Drunk-Guys" Brent said sulkily. Shit, would Maxxie know he was joking?

Maxxie pulled away from me for a moment. I silently prayed that he wasn’t about to kick off. But he simply pressed a finger over Brent’s lips, silencing him. "Shush, book boy," he smiled, "he's    my     whore."

"Is anyone else getting a threesome vibe right now?" I asked because fuck, this had the potential to get hot.

"What happened to 'straight as a board'?" Maxxie giggled.

"Hey Whorebag, don't be dragging me into your weird gay "I was drunk. Everyone's doing it" threesome shit" Brent said, laughing nervously.

"I hope "Whorebag" was directed at me"

"Not that he'd be wrong if it was directed at me," Maxxie giggled and grabbed the Brent’s shirt, pulling him forward and making out like he was going to full on kiss Brent. The look on Brent’s face was priceless when all Maxxie did was peck him on the cheek.

"Max, you're seriously putting me in a threesome mood" I whined, already turned on by the idea.

Maxxie really didn’t help when he snaked his hand down to the small of Brent’s back. "Mmm, me too."

"Whoa, guys, this is getting a bit..." Brent said, his cheeks flushing pink a little.

Maxxie’s hand slid further down till he was gripping Brent’s ass, grinning wildly. The nervous squeak that slipped out of Brent’s lips was priceless and I couldn’t help but laugh as I started kissing Maxxie’s neck. Maxxie kept his hand exactly where it was and tilted his head so I could get at his neck easier.

"Uh... I don't... I mean, I'm not... And you and Cay..." Brent mumbled nervously.

Maxxie looked at Brent, not moving. Brent was clearly uncomfortable with the direction things were heading so he tried to shuffle out of the way. Unfortunately for him he was trapped between the counter and Maxxie.

"C'mon, just one night," he whispered in Brent’s ear, making him shiver a little.

I moved on to Maxxie’s collar bone. Even if Brent didn’t want to get involved I was still getting laid tonight.

 "Yeah but you and Cay... And Cay's my best friend..."

 "Oh c'mon, you    experimented     in high school" I mumbled into the hollow of Maxxie’s throat.

Maxxie shifted slightly and started kissing down my neck, making it oh so difficult for me not to moan like a porn star at the sensation of it. His attention on my neck faltered as he tugged gently at the waistband of Brent’s pants.

"You know you want to, Brenny Baby" I said huskily.

"... Fuck, I need to be wasted if you're gonna bully me into this" Brent said, finally giving in to some extent.

But Maxxie wasn’t content with that response. "No you don't." he said, tugging harder.

Reluctantly I moved over to Brent, breaking the contact of Maxxie’s lips against my throat, and started treating his neck the same as Maxxie had treated mine. He couldn’t help but moan but he bit his lip and tried to suppress the noises, still fighting the inevitable. Maxxie pushed his hands down into Brent’s pants.

"Fuck..." Brent gasped.

Maxxie kissed him hard on the lips before turning his attention back to my neck. Well, half his attention anyway. Fuck this was gonna be hot.

The End

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