Annie: Running back... Not what I wantMature

"Annie Stop!" Rosalita was watching me in shock.

"I'm not staying!" I snap back. "I know I did it and you did also before but we promised" I turn on her tears streaming down my face "You promise"

I held up my hand and slowly slid off the ring she had given me. I place it on top of Lilianna's dresser then turned back to pack my childs stuff. Rosalita had watched me silently with her eyes wide.

"I'm going to a hotel... I'll come back in the morning we'll talk then when I've calmed down" I say quietly. I pick up the baby carier then move past Rosalita out the room. She stays silent but... I just saw a small tear.

I get outside the taxi waiting and give directions to the driver. Not to the hotel I told Rosalita...... but to Johnathan's. I don't know why I'm doing this.

I knock on the door and he answers wearing only jeans. He freezes at the sight of me then smile's. He opens his mouth to speak but Lilianna lets out a cry. Johnathan looks down and looks opened mouthed.

I roll my eyes and walk straight past him. As I set down my bags and the carrier I hear the door close behind me. I pull out a ready made bottle from the bag and unbuckle Liliana. I begin to feed her bouncing her lightly.

"Come on drink..." I look at Johnathan whose watching confused. "She just came off breast milk she isn't use to the bottle yet"

"Why are you here Annie?" Johnathan asks. "Why are both of you here? I'm glad to see my child an all but..."

I give off a big sigh. "Me and Rosa... we've fallen out. I need somewhere to stay and... I don't want to be alone" I whisper the last part looking at the floor. Then I look up again. "Do you want to hold her?"

He's shocked but then smiles walking over. I explain how he should hold her and he takes Lilianna gently. "Her name's Lilian right?" He asks unsure.

"Lilianna" I say quietly. Carefully Johnathan handed her back over. I secured Lilianna comfortably in her carrier then as I turned back to Johnathan she fell slowly to sleep.

Johnathan was still watching Lilianna. "She looks so much like you" He whispers looking back to me. I smile lightly, the smile not reaching my eyes. Then he leans forward to kiss me. I let him and then I realised this was why I came. I wanted some sort of love and no matter how obvious the bruises had been..... it was still obvious to anyone that he did in some way love me.

His lips were soft but his hands were firm as they slid beneath her shirt. I pulled back. "Not in front of her" I whisper. Johnathan smiles. He lifts me up by the waist and carries me into the bedroom.

The End

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