Cayden: That Was FunMature

After a few more minutes searching I found Maxxie’s jeans. Just as I slipped back into bed his phone rang again. I heard Maxxie groan and figured I’d answer it. Why the hell not? I could have some fun with this Alex guy, couldn’t I? I accepted the call and pressed the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I asked innocently.

"I wanna talk with Max."

"Sorry, he's not available right now. Can I take a message?" I spoke a little smugly. And damn, I liked being able to be that smug.

He sighed. "No. Just wake him up."

"I never said he was asleep"

"Then how is he unavailable? He's never without his phone."

"He's unavailable because he doesn't want to talk to you right now"

There was a pause and for a second I thought he wasn’t going to reply but eventually there was a hurt sounding "oh”.

"So I figured I'd answer and take a message, generous person that I am"

"Yeah... I'll leave him to it then."

"Oh well now I'm hurt. I'm not normally this polite in the morning and that was just sheer rejection"

"Well what do you want me to say, huh? It's not you I called."

I put on my best ‘I’m hurt’ voice and choked out "No, it's fine. I'll just go snuggle up to Maxxie"

Then boom, he’s hung up. How rude, he didn’t even say goodbye.

"Well that was fun" I said more to myself than to Maxxie.

I felt his arms slip around me and couldn’t help but smile.

"Got any other people bugging you? That really was fun, I felt like a knight. A cell phone knight"

Maxxie laughed slightly. "No, just Alex. Sorry. I'll try and get myself a few more stalkers for your entertainment."

"Stalkers are never fun. Unless they have nice hair and a cute face" I said with a laugh, only half meaning it as a joke. Sure, if my stalker had nice hair and a cute face I’d be willing to put up with them.

"Alex is the exception to that particular rule, then," he sighed.

I wrapped him in a hug, placing a tentative kiss on his cheek. "Cheer up, dollface"

"Mmm," he said, sounding a tiny bit solemn but tightening his hold around me anyway.

I hummed in agreement without realising I’d done it. I seem to be humming a lot lately, don’t I? "Hey, what day is it today?"

He paused but whether he was thinking about it I don’t know. "No idea. Why?"

"Brent always lets me go in late on Fridays"

"It'll say on my phone."

I glanced at the phone and saw exactly what I wanted to see. "Mmm, hello Friday. Hey, you should stop by the store after closing and come meet Brent"

"Sure. I've got an afternoon shift today, so I'll probably be kinda late, but I'll be there as soon as."

"You guys are gonna love each other. Well, I hope you are anyway. I'll try not to let him get too wasted before you get there. We always have a couple drinks after closing and he gets so damn horny when he's drunk, it's hilarious"

He laughed slightly. Wait, was he nervous? Or was he worried? Oh bless him, that adorable little moron.

"Don't worry, the guy's straight as a board" I said with a reassuring smile.

"That's okay, then," he smiled back.

"It's the poor defenseless inanimate objects you need to worry about" I said with a wink, trying not to laugh at the countless memories I had of Brent dry humping various pieces of furniture.

Maxxie giggling managed to snap me away from the memories and I snuggled up to him again, relishing in the warmth that radiated from his body. I could happily have stayed there forever, wrapped up in Maxxie’s warmth and scent but soon enough my alarm started screeching at me to get the fuck out of bed and get my ass ready for work.

I kissed Maxxie goodbye once I was dressed and ready and made him promise to come by the bookstore later on. I made my way to the store, a smile glued to my face at the prospect of the two most important people in my life meeting each other. Man, I just hoped they liked each other.

The End

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