Maxxie: escape the stalker.Mature

Work went... slowly, to say the least.

It went even slower when Alex came into the café and hung around reading and ordering coffees as an excuse to stay longer. As promised, he left me alone, but it didn't half make me uncomfortable. Especially as I had sex hair. And he kept looking at it with this disapproving expression plastered all over his face.

"Why is that guy staring at you so much, man?" Damien drawls, standing in the doorway to the miniscule kitchen that houses a washing machine, a sink and a fridge for sandwiches and panini (panini is plural, panino is singular. Boss made sure I learnt that one) and that's about it.

"Which one?" I ask, not looking up from the skinny latte I'm busying myself with. I don't know why I'm asking, I already know.

"Uh," he pauses to glance around, "dark hair, blue eyes, reading a book."

"That would be my ex," I reply with a withering smile, "he disapproves of the fact I moved on after two years."

"Harsh, man. Want me to get tell him to GTFO?" Yes, he actually talks like that. When I told him I'd gotten myself a boyfriend, he said ‘WTF man?!" You get used to it after a while.

"Nah, s'ok. He can sit and seethe over the fact I had sex this morning and he didn't," I grin, flashing it at Alex as I walk over to the person who ordered the latte. "Anyhow, I'm going on my break, I'll see you in an hour." Damien just nods and takes my apron from me, tutting in quiet disapproval as I pull out my cigarettes. Smiling, I put one between my lips, walking out of the café to the back. As I'm lighting it, my phone rings loudly, making me jump.

"Hey dollface. I've been given strict instructions that we better stick to," Cay's voice laughs down the phone. The smile already firmly on my lips grows wider and I exhale my lungful of smoke away from the phone quietly. I'd promised to get those patches today, after all.

"Instructions?" I ask.

"Yup. I've been told to take you to the movies then have hot passionate sex with you. Sounds fun, eh?"

"Sounds pretty damn awesome," I agree, taking another careful drag on my cigarette and doing my best to exhale it away so he won't hear again. "Any idea which movie?"

"I actually have no idea what's out right now. Other than Eclipse anyway," I wrinkle my nose at the mention at the Twilight puke fest and forget to be careful as I breathe in more smoke, concentrating more on trying to think what other films are on. For a Hollywood resident, and aspiring actor, I don't pay much attention to what's on, do I?

"Umm... Toy Story 3," I laugh, "I need to pay more attention to what's on."

"Max, I thought you said you were gonna get some nicotine patches?" it's only as he points out my mistake that I notice it. Oops.

"Uhh, yeah. I did say that. I'll get them in a minute," I mutter, looking around as Damien waves at me from the doorway, mouthing ‘GTFO' at me, "after I escape my stalker. I gotta go," I drop my cigarette and hang up, not needing to ask Damien what he means. Without further ado, and hoping that Cay doesn't get pissed at me for hanging up like that, I make a run for it, making a beeline for the nearest drugstore to hide in.

The End

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